TELGalicia: TELGalicia: Technology-Enhanced Learning en Galicia

TELGalicia Network tries to improve the use of technologies in the classroom taking into account both technological and pedagogical methodologies.

This action continues the first edition of the network , that developed its activity between 2012 and 2013. With this new edition the network has integrated two new partners. Moreover, the network includes several National and European partners.

Since its beginnings, the network has been focused in the development of solutions to support teaching in primary and secondary schools. The most important result has been Edu-AREA, a web application that follows the ideas of the Web 2.0 (social) and that applies technologies of the Web 3.0 (semantic).


The main objectives of the action are in the context of Edu-AREA:

  • To involve educational centers in the development of experiences with the platform.
  • To define a framework with the necessary technological competences of the teachers.
  • To analyze and introduce mechanisms to evaluate and assure the quality.
  • To analyze and introduce mechanisms to promote the participation of the teachers.

Moreover, the network will also promote experiences with other innovative technologies, focusing in technologies that allow the use of learning analytical techniques to study the behavior of teachers and students during the classes.

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