Manuel Fernández Delgado

Quick Hidden Layer Size Tuning in ELM for Classification Problems
Closed-form Gaussian spread estimation for small and large support vector classification
OralImmunoAnalyser: a software tool to immunohistochemical assessment of oral leukoplakia using image segmentation and classification models
Software BreastAnalyser for the semi-automatic analysis of breast cancer immunohistochemical images
Cognitive and clinical predictors of a long-term course in obsessive compulsive disorder: A machine learning approach in a prospective cohort study
Can we predict behavior problems in children with autism?
Promoting equality in higher education computer programming courses through cooperative learning
MSCF: Multi-Scale Canny Filter to Recognize Cells in Microscopic Images
CT-based radiomics to predict KRAS mutation in CRC patients using a machine learning algorithm: a retrospective study
Aprendizaxe de materias de programación e intelixencia artificial con perspectiva de xénero
Validation Analysis of Panoramic Dental Application (PDApp) Software as a Tool for Predicting Third Molar Eruption Based on Panoramic Radiograph Images
Ultra Fast Classification and Regression of High-Dimensional Problems Projected on 2D
Fast Support Vector Classifier for large-scale classification problems
Providing female role models in STEM higher education careers, a teaching experience
Automatic marbling prediction of sliced dry-cured ham using image segmentation, texture analysis and regression
New neural networks based on extreme learning machine
A machine learning approach in autism spectrum disorders: from sensory processing to behavior problems
Ideal kernel tuning: fast and scalable selection of the radial basis kernel spread for support vector classification
Viability Study of Machine Learning-Based Prediction of COVID-19 Pandemic Impact in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Patients
Quick extreme learning machine for large-scale classification
Extreme learning machine with confidence interval based bias initialization
A comparison of machine learning algorithms on design smell detection using balanced and imbalanced dataset: A study of God class
Embedded ethics to teach machine learning courses: an experience
STERapp: Semiautomatic Software for Stereological Analysis. Application in the Estimation of Fish Fecundity
Unha experiencia da introducción da perspectiva de xénero en materias de Intelixencia Artificial
Exploratory study of the impact of project domain and size category on the detection of the God class design smell
CystAnalyser: A new software tool for the automatic detection and quantification of cysts in Polycystic Kidney and Liver Disease, and other cystic disorders
CT Radiomics in Colorectal Cancer: Detection of KRAS Mutation Using Texture Analysis and Machine Learning
A comparison of machine learning algorithms for forecasting indoor temperature in smart buildings
Una aproximación basada en Machine Learning para evaluar la influencia del tamaño del proyecto en la detección de God Class.
Assessing the Influence of Size Category of the Project in God Class Detection, an Experimental Approach based on Machine Learning (MLA)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, texture analysis and regression techniques to non-destructively predict the quality characteristics of meat pieces
An extensive experimental survey of regression methods
Comparison of a massive and diverse collection of classifiers for oil spill detection in SAR images
Polynomial Kernel Discriminant Analysis for 2D visualization of classification problems
Comparative study of artificial neural network models for forecasting the indoor temperature in smart buildings
Classification of agricultural soil parameters in India
Influence of normalization and color space to color texture classification
On the use of nominal and ordinal classifiers for the discrimination of states of development in fish oocytes
Machine learning for the management of agricultural soil data
Aprendizaxe baseada na prestación de servizos de administración informática na USC
Aprendizaje basado en la prestación de servicios de administración informática en la USC
Govocitos: a software tool for estimating fish fecundity based on digital analysis of histological images
Fast weight calculation for kernel-based perceptron in two-class classification problems
A Parallel Perceptron network for classification with direct calculation of the weights optimizing error and margin
Handling Incomplete Information in an Evolutionary Environment
A comparison of several neural networks to predict the execution times in injection molding production for automotive industry
Comparison of several chemometric techniques for the classification of orujo distillate alcoholic samples from Galicia (NW Spain) according to their certified brand of origin.
Integrating incomplete Information into the Relational Data Model
Fast array thinning using global optimization methods
Fast array thinning using global optimization methods
Quality of the Information: The application in the winification process in wine production
Wine vinification prediction using data mining tools
Time Estimation in Injection Molding Production for Automative Industry Based on SVR and RBF
Rapid Method for Finding Faulty Elements in Antenna Arrays Using Far Field Pattern Samples
Rapid Method for Finding Faulty Elements in Antenna Arrays Using Far Field Pattern Samples