Continual federated machine learning under concept drift
Guidance in storytelling tables supports emotional development in kindergartners
Federated Learning from Demonstration for Active Assistance to Smart Wheelchair Users
Providing female role models in STEM higher education careers, a teaching experience
Kinematic screws and dual quaternion based motion controllers
Robotic Motion Coordination Based on a Geometric Deformation Measure
Perspectiva de género en Inteligencia Artificial, una necesidad
Large-area and low-cost force/tactile capacitive sensor for soft robotic applications
Adaptive Deformation Control for Elastic Linear Objects
Tactile-Based Task Definition Through Edge Contact Formation Setpoints for Object Exploration and Manipulation
Dynamic Evaluation of Deformable Object Grasping
Review of soft fluidic actuators: classification and materials modeling analysis
General framework for the optimization of the human-robot collaboration decision-making process through the ability to change performance metrics
A Soft Robotic Gripper With an Active Palm and Reconfigurable Fingers for Fully Dexterous In-Hand Manipulation
Smart Toys++: Exploiting the Social Connectedness for Playing and Learning
Unha experiencia da introducción da perspectiva de xénero en materias de Intelixencia Artificial
Exoscarne: Assistive Strategies for an Industrial Meat Cutting System Based on Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Concept Drift Detection and Adaptation for Robotics and Mobile Devices in Federated and Continual Settings
Gender perspective in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence within the interplay between natural and artificial computation: Advances in data science, trends and applications
Walking recognition in mobile devices
Learning from the Individuals and the Crowd in Robotics and Mobile Devices
Indoor positioning for smartphones without infrastructure and user adaptable (doctorado industrial)
Robust and fast scene recognition in robotics through the automatic identification of meaningful images
Robust Heading Estimation in Mobile Phones
Unsupervised Method to Remove Noisy and Redundant Images in Scene Recognition
Demo: Mask and Maskless Face Classification System to Detect Breach Protocols in the Operating Room
Two-view line matching algorithm based on context and appearance in low textured images
Videogrammetry System for Wind Turbine Vibration Monitoring
Scene Recognition Invariant to Symetrical Reflections and Illumintation Conditions in Robotics
Adaptative Line Matching for Low-Textured Images
Canonical Views for Scene Recognition in Mobile Robotics
System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room Through Facial Attributes
Pyramid Representations of the set of actions in reinforcement learning
Scene Recognition for Robot localization in Difficult Environments
Mobile Robot Positioning with 433-MHz Wireless Motes with Varying Transmission Powers and a Particle Filter
Omnidirectional visual SLAM under severe occlusions
Route learning and reproduction in a tour-guide robot
Localización y mapeado simultáneos en robótica mediante visión omnidireccional
A State Lattice Approach for Motion Planning under Control and Sensor Uncertainty
Combining different algorithms to get stable learning from environment interaction
Robust multi-sensor system for mobile robot localization
Route Learning and Reproduction in a Tour-Guide Robot
Self-organized Multi-Camera Network for Ubiquitous Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments.
Robots capaces de aprender e adaptarse ao ambiente a partir das súas propias experiencias
Self-Organized Multi-Camera Network for a Fast and Easy Deployment of Ubiquitous Robots in Unknown Environments
Learning on real robots from experience and simple user feedback
Effect of a risk factor in convoy merging manoeuvres considering uncertainty in travelling times
A FastSLAM-based Algorithm for Omnidirectional Cameras
Implementation of robot routing approaches for convoy merging manoeuvres
Continuous learning on a real robot through user feedback
Anytime Motion Replanning in State Lattices for Wheeled Robots
A FastSLAM Algorithm for Omnivision
Maniobra de enlace con convoy en entornos urbanos considerando incertidumbre en los tiempos de recorrido. Simulación con Player&Stage
Selecting the most relevant sensors in a wall following behavior
Gesture based interface with voice feedback for a guide robot
Analysis of different localization systems suitable for a fast and easy deployment of robots in diverse environments
An Efficient Algorithm for Optimal Routing Applied to Convoy Merging Manoeuvres in Urban Environments
Learning on real robots from their direct interaction with the environment
Feature Analysis for Human Recognition and Discrimination: Application to a Person Following Behaviour in a Mobile Robot
Learning in real robots from environment interaction
Learning Intelligent Controllers for Path-Following Skills on Snake-Like Robots
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Combination of a low cost GPS with visual localization based on a previous map for outdoor navigation
Detección de regiones transitables para un robot móvil fusionando datos de cámaras estéreo y de sensores láser 2D
Continual learning in robots from environment interaction
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Robot Routing Approaches for Convoy Merging Manoeuvres
Online Feature Weighting for Human Discrimination in a Person Following Robot
Self-organized Multi-agent System for Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments
Iterative Rule Learning of Quantified Fuzzy Rules for control in mobile robotics
Simultaneous learning of perception and action in mobile robots
Parallel robot learning through an ensemble of predictors able to forecast the time interval before a robot failure
Variable Vigilance Fuzzy ART applied to robot learning
Unsupervised Complexity Reduction of Sensor Data for Robot Learning and Adaptation
A Parallel Perceptron network for classification with direct calculation of the weights optimizing error and margin
Simultaneous Learning of Perceptions and Actions in Autonomous Robots
People Detection through Quantified Fuzzy Temporal Rules
A case study for learning behaviors in mobile robotics by evolutionary fuzzy systems
Omnivision-based KLD-Monte Carlo Localization
Learning proposal based on reinforcement for collaborative tasks: robot convoy formation
Control y Generación de Refuerzo a partir de la Observación del Comportamiento Humano
Fast robot learning through an ensemble of predictors able to forecast the time interval before failure
Visual FastSLAM Through Omnivision
Propuesta de Estrategia para el enrutamiento adaptable aplicado a sistemas de navegación en entornos urbanos
Fuzzy quantification in two real scenarios: Information retrieval and mobile robotics
Learning weighted linguistic rules to control an autonomous robot
Localization through omnivision for a tour-guide robot
Prólogo de «Robot Behaviour: Design, description, and analysis and Modelling»
Accurate robot simulation through system identification
A novel model of bottom-up visual attention using local energy
Improving reinforcement learning through a better exploration strategy and an adjustable representation of the environment
Model identification and analysis in robot training
Local Energy Saliency for Bottom-Up Visual Attention
New approach to get autonomous and fast robot learning processes
Design of a fuzzy controller in mobile robotics using genetic algorithms
Task identification and characterisation in mobile robotics through non-linear modelling
Quick design of fuzzy controllers with good interpretability in mobile robotics
Autonomous and fast robot learning through motivation