Unsupervised Method to Remove Noisy and Redundant Images in Scene Recognition
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Two-view line matching algorithm based on context and appearance in low textured images
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Robust multi-sensor system for mobile robot localization
Route Learning and Reproduction in a Tour-Guide Robot
Self-organized Multi-Camera Network for Ubiquitous Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments.
Robots capaces de aprender e adaptarse ao ambiente a partir das súas propias experiencias
Effect of a risk factor in convoy merging manoeuvres considering uncertainty in travelling times
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Continuous learning on a real robot through user feedback
Anytime Motion Replanning in State Lattices for Wheeled Robots
Maniobra de enlace con convoy en entornos urbanos considerando incertidumbre en los tiempos de recorrido. Simulación con Player&Stage
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Feature Analysis for Human Recognition and Discrimination: Application to a Person Following Behaviour in a Mobile Robot
Learning in real robots from environment interaction
Learning Intelligent Controllers for Path-Following Skills on Snake-Like Robots
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Combination of a low cost GPS with visual localization based on a previous map for outdoor navigation
Detección de regiones transitables para un robot móvil fusionando datos de cámaras estéreo y de sensores láser 2D
Continual learning in robots from environment interaction
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Robot Routing Approaches for Convoy Merging Manoeuvres
Online Feature Weighting for Human Discrimination in a Person Following Robot
Self-organized Multi-agent System for Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments
Iterative Rule Learning of Quantified Fuzzy Rules for control in mobile robotics