Tomás Fernández Pena

Digital forensic analysis of the private mode of browsers on Android
Recovering from Memory the Encryption Keys Used by Ransomware Targeting Windows and Linux Systems
Dynamic workload optimisation on NUMA and heterogeneous architectures
Optimizing AI-based HEP algorithms using HPC and Quantum Computing
OPERA-gSAM: Big Data Processing Framework for UMI Sequencing at High Scalability and Efficiency
Security by Design for Big Data Frameworks over Cloud Computing
CIMAR, NIMAR, and LMMA: Novel algorithms for thread and memory migrations in user space on NUMA systems using hardware counters
Digital forensic analysis methodology for private browsing: Firefox and Chrome on Linux as a case study
A fast and optimal pathfinder using airborne LiDAR data
Big Data in metagenomics: Apache Spark vs MPI
TrustE-VC: Trustworthy Evaluation Framework for Industrial Connected Vehicles in the Cloud
Next-Generation Big Data Federation Access Control: A Reference Model
Automatic Extraction of Road Points from Airborne LiDAR Based on Bidirectional Skewness Balancing
Cloud Computing for Climate Modelling: Evaluation, Challenges and Benefits
A New Hardware Counters Based Thread Migration Strategy for NUMA Systems
A Big Data Approach to Metagenomics for All-Food-Sequencing
Fast Ground Filtering of Airborne LiDAR Data Based on Iterative Scan-Line Spline Interpolation
Implementación de un algoritmo de filtrado de terreno a partir de datos LiDAR sobre SoC Zynq
A new hardware counters based thread migration strategy for NUMA systems
Big Data Security Frameworks Meet the Intelligent Transportation Systems Challenges
Common Security Criteria for Vehicular Clouds and Internet of Vehicles Evaluation and Selection
A Pluggable Authentication Module for Big Data Federation Architecture
Automatic Detection and Characterization of Power Lines and their Surroundings Using LiDAR Data
Leveraging Bitmap Indexing for Subgraph Searching
Procesamiento eficiente de nubes de puntos LiDAR aéreo para aplicaciones de caracterización del terreno
Olivia: A Developer-Friendly "Open Lidar VIsualiser and Analyser" for Point Clouds with 3D Stereoscopic View
A tool for runtime analysis of performance and energy usage in NUMA systems
Consulta eficiente de datos moleculares: Situación actual y retos futuros
MPI-Performance-Aware-Reallocation: method to optimize the mapping of processes applied to a cloud infrastructure
Comparative study of building footprint estimation methods from LiDAR point clouds
Caracterización de aplicaciones mediante información de contadores hardware en sistemas NUMA
PASTASpark: multiple sequence alignment meets Big Data
Euro-Par 2017: Parallel Processing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
A study of the influence of VM allocation policies on MPI Bcast and MPI Exchange latency in cloud
Possibilities of Cloud Computing for Climate Modelling
OPERA-P: An Adaptive Scheduler for Dynamically Provisioning Big Data Frameworks On-demand
EME: An automated, elastic and efficient prototype for provisioning Hadoop clusters on-demand
Use of several Cloud Computing approaches for climate modelling: performance, costs and opportunities
Graph-based approach for airborne light detection and ranging segmentation
Enabling BOINC in infrastructure as a service cloud system
Landing sites detection using LiDAR data on manycore systems
A rule-based classification from a region-growing segmentation of airborne lidar
Graph-based segmentation of airborne lidar point clouds
Towards Large Scale Environmental Data Processing with Apache Spark
Procesamiento paralelo de datos medioambientales con Apache Spark
Study of point-to-point communication latency for MPI implementations in cloud
Parallel landing sites detection using LiDAR data on manycore systems
SparkBWA: Speeding Up the Alignment of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Data
Challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for atmospheric sciences
Enabling BOINC in cloud Services: CPDN as example
Boosting Performance of a Statistical Machine Translation System Using Dynamic Parallelism
BigBWA: Approaching the Burrows-Wheeler Aligner to Big Data Technologies
Paralelización de un clasificador automático de objetos con datos de sensores remotos LiDAR
A Flexible Cluster System for the Management of Virtual Clusters in the Cloud
Improving CPU Service Offerings in Apache CloudStack
Federated Big Data for resource aggregation and load balancing with DIRAC
BigDataDIRAC: deploying distributed Big Data application
Study of the KVM CPU performance of Open-Source cloud management platforms
Multivariate Analysis of Variance for High Energy Physics Software in Virtualized Environments
Power and Energy Implications of the Number of Threads Used on the Intel Xeon Phi
Power and Energy Implications of the Number of Threads Used on the Intel Xeon Phi
A tool to deploy nanodevice simulations on Cloud
3DyRM: a dynamic roofline model including memory latency information
Perldoop: Efficient Execution of Perl Scripts on Hadoop Clusters
Multiobjective Optimization Technique Based on Monitoring Information to Increase the Performance of Thread Migration on Multicores
Thread migration techniques based on dynamic Roofline models and latency information
Análisis morfosintáctico y clasificación de entidades nombradas en un entorno Big Data
Implementation of the KVM Hypervisor on Several Cloud Platforms: Tuning the Apache CloudStack Agent
Assessment, Design and Implementation of a Private Cloud for MapReduce Applications
Cloud flexibility using DIRAC interware
A hardware counter-based toolkit for the analysis of memory accesses in SMPs
Using an extended Roofline Model to understand data and thread affinities on NUMA systems
Study of data locality and thread affinity on multicore systems using the Roofline Model
Using sampled information: is it enough for the sparse matrix-vector product locality optimization?
Modeling the performance of parallel applications using model selection techniques
Extensión del modelo Roofline y herramientas para su uso
A Flexible and Dynamic Page Migration Infrastructure based on Hardware Counters
DyRM: A Dynamic Roofline Model Based on Runtime Information
Nanodevice simulations on CloudStack
Render on the cloud: Using Cinelerra on virtualized infrastructures
Cloud computing for teaching and learning MPI with improved network communications
Uso de algoritmos genéticos para la obtención de modelos estadísticos de rendimiento
Performance of numerical simulations on the cloud
Performance of OpenMP simulations on the cloud
A Graphical Tool for Performance Analysis of Multicore Systems Based on the Roofline Model
Hardware Counters Based Analysis of Memory Accesses in SMPs
Performance of the CloudStack KVM Pod primary storage under NFS version 3
Model Selection to Characterize Performance using Genetic Algorithms
Formiga CLOUD: una herramienta para la gestión y aprovechamiento de los recursos de las aulas de informática
The Integration of CloudStack and OCCI/OpenNebula with DIRAC
Estimating the Effect of Cache Misses on the Performance of Parallel Applications Using Analytical Models
Using accurate AIC-based performance models to improve the scheduling of parallel applications
Analyzing the Execution of Sparse Matrix-Vector Product on the Finisterrae SMP-NUMA System
Estimación del efecto de los fallos cache en el rendimiento de aplicaciones paralelas
Study of Performance Issues on a SMP-NUMA System Using the Roofline Model
EPIMETA: un Metapaquete de Epilinux
Improving the Scheduling of Parallel Applications using Accurate AIC-based Performance Models
Automatic parameter assessment of logp-based communication models in MPI environments
Performance Modeling of MPI Applications Using Model Selection Techniques
El Criterio de Información de Akaike en la Obtención de Modelos Estadísticos de Rendimiento
Accurate Analytical Performance Model of Communications in MPI Applications
Greedy Performance Metrics for Grid Schedulers
Simulación de códigos de N-cuerpos en sistemas de memoria distribuida mediante un algoritmo paralelo por etapas
Analytical Performance Models of Parallel Programs in Clusters
An Inspector/Executor Based Strategy to Efficiently Parallelize N-Body Simulation Programs on shared memory systems
Simulation of parallel applications in GridSim