Alberto José Bugarín Diz

An Empirical Study on the Number of Items in Human Evaluation of Automatically Generated Texts
Enriching Interactive Explanations with Fuzzy Temporal Constraint Networks
The Droid You're Looking For: C-4PM, a Conversational Agent for Declarative Process Mining
A Framework for the Automatic Description of Healthcare Processes in Natural Language: Application in an Aortic Stenosis Integrated Care Process
Some lessons learned reproducing human evaluation of a data-to-text system
An empirically supported approach to the treatment of imprecision in vague reasoning
Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Alzheimer’s Disease: State of the Art, Opportunities, and Challenges
A intelixencia artificial fiable: moda ou necesidade?
Guidelines for Bimodal Virtual Assistants
Proxecto Nós: Artificial Intelligence at the Service of the Galician Language
ICA2TEXT: A system for the automatic natural language description of air quality time series
A Framework for the Automatic Description of Healthcare Processes in Natural Language: Application in an Aortic Stenosis Integrated Care Process
Framework para la Descripción Automática de Procesos en Lenguaje Natural: Aplicación en un Proceso Asistencial Integrado de Estenosis Aórtica
Dealing with hallucination and omission in neural Natural Language Generation: A use case on meteorology
The Nós Project: Opening routes for the Galician language in the field of language technologies
Meta-heuristics for generation of linguistic descriptions of weather data: experimental comparison of two approaches
A Framework for the Automatic Description of Healthcare Processes in Natural Language: Application in an aortic stenosis integrated care process
Automatic generation of textual descriptions in data-to-text systems using a fuzzy temporal ontology: Application in air quality index data series
Estimating Remaining Time of Business Processes with structural attributes of the traces
Evaluación empírica de modelos de cuantificación borrosa aplicados a un agente conversacional
Un sistema para la descripción automática en lenguaje natural de gráficas de sectores: aplicación en datos de calidad del aire
Fuzzy Temporal Protoforms for the Quantitative Description of Processes in Natural Language
Automatic linguistic reporting of customer activity patterns in open malls
Explaining Bayesian Networks in Natural Language: State of the Art and Challenges
A proof of concept on triangular test evaluation for Natural Language Generation
Estimation of customer activity patterns in open malls by means of combining localization and process mining techniques
La confianza en las máquinas inteligentes
Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Process-To-Text: a framework for the quantitative description of processes in natural language
An experimental study on the use of fuzzy quantification models for linguistic descriptions of data
24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Empirical Study of Fuzzy Quantification Models for Linguistic Descriptions of Meteorological Data
Experimental Study on Generating Multi-modal Explanations of Black-box Classifiers in terms of Gray-box Classifiers
Autonomous navigation for UAVs managing motion and sensing uncertainty
INVERBIS: minería de datos aplicada a la mejora de procesos
A Vector-Based Classification Approach for Remaining Time Prediction in Business Processes
Content Determination for Natural Language Descriptions of Predictive Bayesian Networks
ExpliClas: Automatic Generation of Explanations in Natural Language for Weka Classifiers
Feature selection and evolutionary rule learning for Big Data in smart building energy management
Graduated Fidelity Lattices for Motion Planning under Uncertainty
Supporting Content Design with an Eye Tracker: The Case of Weather-based Recommendations
Adapting SimpleNLG to Galician language
Motion Planning under Uncertainty in Graduated Fidelity Lattices
Generación Automática de Explicaciones en Lenguaje Natural para Árboles de Decisión de Clasificación
Estudio empírico sobre el tratamiento de la sinonimia en los razonamientos vagos
Descripciones lingüísticas de datos de observación meteorológica usando temple simulado
ExpliClas: Un Servicio Web que Genera Automáticamente Explicaciones en Lenguaje Natural de Árboles de Decisión para Clasificación
Generación automática de descripciones lingüísticas de datos en meteorología usando metaheurísticas
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Using fuzzy sets in a data-to-text system for business service intelligence
Towards Keyword-Based Search over Environmental Data Sources
Adapting SimpleNLG to Spanish
Natural Language Generation with Computational Intelligence
VICLEO: A Visualization Tool for Representing the Semantic Field of Statements
Scalable Modeling of Thermal Dynamics in Buildings using Fuzzy Rules for Regression
Computer-assisted development of two-dimensional liquid chromatographic separations
Evaluation of a Data-To-Text System for Verbalizing a Learning Analytics Dashboard
Claudio Moraga and the University of Santiago de Compostela: many years of collaboration
Fuzzy sets across the natural language generation pipeline
S-FRULER: Scalable Fuzzy Rule Learning through Evolution for Regression
Prediction of indoor temperatures for energy optimization in buildings
Aproximación a la búsqueda basada en términos sobre conjuntos de datos medioambientales
Análisis inteligente de flujos de trabajo sociales
FRULER: Fuzzy Rule Learning through Evolution for Regression
A Genetic Fuzzy System for Large-scale Regression
Prediction of building temperatures for energy optimization
A MapReduce Implementation of a Genetic Fuzzy System for Regression
Fuzzy sets and natural language generation. What to make out of it?
On the role of linguistic descriptions of data in the building of natural language generation systems
An Adaptive Multi-resolution State Lattice Approach for Motion Planning with Uncertainty
GALiWeatherApp: applicación móvil para predicción meteorológica individualizada en lenguaje natural
Automatic Generation of Air Quality Index Textual Forecasts Using a Data-To-Text Approach
Las descripciones lingüísticas de datos en los sistemas "Data to Text"
Generacion automática de informes en lenguaje natural en una plataforma de e-learning
Keyword-Based Search over Environmental Datasets
Aspects of quality evaluation in Linguistic Descriptions of Data
A Model Based on Computational Perceptions for the Generation of Linguistic Descriptions of Data
STAC: a web platform for the comparison of algorithms using statistical tests
Reducing the Complexity in Genetic Learning of Accurate Regression TSK Rule-Based Systems
Reseña sobre "Linguistic Descriptions for Automatic Generation of Textual Short-Term Weather Forecasts on Real Prediction Data"
Towards Textual Reporting in Learning Analytics Dashboards
Fuzzy Knowledge Representation for Linguistic Description of Time Series
Soft Computing for Learner's Assessment in SoftLearn
Approximate syllogism as argumentative expression for knowledge representation and reasoning with Generalized Bayes' Theorem
Application of fuzzy techniques to Autonomous Robots
Enric Trillas: master, scientist and humanist
Approaching uncertainty management in D2T generation using fuzzy sets
Linguistic Descriptions for Automatic Generation of Textual Short-Term Weather Forecasts on Real Prediction Data
Data Mining for Automatic Linguistic Description of Data - Textual Weather Prediction as a Classification Problem
Computing with perceptions for the linguistic description of complex phenomena through the analysis of time series data
Learning Fuzzy Controllers in Mobile Robotics with Embedded Preprocessing
Hipster: An Open Source Java Library for Heuristic Search
Generación automática de predicciones meteorológicas a corto plazo: Metodología y validación
Graph-based semantic annotation for enriching educational content with linked data
A Fuzzy Syllogistic Reasoning Schema for Generalized Quantifiers
A State Lattice Approach for Motion Planning under Control and Sensor Uncertainty
Automatic Generation of Textual Short-Term Weather Forecasts on Real Prediction Data
A Proposal of Fuzzy Chained Syllogism based on the Concept of Synonymy
An Instance Selection Algorithm for Regression and its Application in Variance Reduction
Automatic Linguistic Descriptions of Meteorological Data. A soft computing approach for converting Open Data to Open Information
A Tabu Search Optimization Module for Scheduling: Design and integration in the open source tool LibrePlan for project management
On the analysis of set-based fuzzy quantified reasoning using classical syllogistics
A Petri net model for changing units of learning in runtime
Fuzzy Systems at the University of Santiago de Compostela. A personal vision of the last twenty years
Validation of a linguistic summarization approach for time series meteorological data
Semantic linking of learning object repositories to DBpedia
Anytime Motion Replanning in State Lattices for Wheeled Robots
Toward the Use of Petri Nets for the Formalization of OWL-S Choreographies
Petri net-based engine for adaptive learning
Semantic integration of social information in learning systems
Photons detection in Positron Emission Tomography through Iterative Rule Learning of TSK rule
Razonamiento silogístico aproximado con cuantificadores generalizados
Construcción de resúmenes lingüísticos informativos sobre series de datos meteorológicos: informes climáticos de temperatura
On the role of fuzzy quantified statements in linguistic summarization
An Evolutionary Approach for Learning the Weight of Relations in Linked Data
Dynamic adaptation in OPENET4LD
Semantic linking of a learning object repository to DBpedia
Toward enriching course content with Linked Data
Simplified Workflow Representation of IMS Learning Design
Iterative Rule Learning of Quantified Fuzzy Rules for control in mobile robotics
Semi-Fuzzy Quantifiers as a Tool for Building Linguistic Summaries of Data Patterns
Dynamic adaptation in IMS Learning Design
Machine Scheduling in Custom Furniture Industry through Neuro-Evolutionary Hybridization
Integración de IMS LD en mundos virtuales
Semantic annotation of educational resources through linked data
A context-based algorithm for annotating educational content with Linked Data
OPENET: Ontology-based engine for high-level Petri nets
An Analysis of Reasoning with Quantifiers within the Aristotelian Syllogistic Framework
OPENET4VE: A Platform for the Execution of IMS LD Units of Learning in Virtual Environments
Knowledge-Based Framework for Workflow Modelling: Application to the Furniture Industry
People Detection through Quantified Fuzzy Temporal Rules
Linguistic summarization of data with probabilistic fuzzy quantifiers
Summarizing time series with probabilistic fuzzy quantifiers
Arquitectura orientada a servicios para la ejecución de unidades de aprendizaje en mundos virtuales
OPENET LD: An Ontology-based Petri Net Engine to Execute IMS LD Units of Learning
Fuzzy quantification in two real scenarios: Information retrieval and mobile robotics
Processing time estimations by variable structure tsk rules learned through genetic programming