High performance computing

Deep learning with simulated laser scanning data for 3D point cloud classification
MPI4All: Universal Binding Generation for MPI Parallel Programming
A new thread-level speculative automatic parallelization model and library based on duplicate code execution
High-performant and easy-to-use solutions for complex parallel problems
Redes convolucionales basadas en escalado uniforme de dimensiones para la clasificación de imágenes multiespectrales
Powerline Detection and Characterization in General-Purpose Airborne LiDAR Surveys
Model Performance Prediction for Hyperparameter Opti- mization of Deep Learning Models Using High Performance Computing and Quantum Annealing
CPU and GPU oriented optimizations for LiDAR data processing
High Performance and Disruptive Computing in Remote Sensing: The Third Edition of the School Organized by the HDCRS Working Group of the GRSS Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee [Technical Committees]
Assessing Intel OneAPI capabilities and cloud-performance for heterogeneous computing
Using heterogeneous computing and edge computing to accelerate anomaly detection in remotely sensed multispectral images
QPU integration in OpenCL for heterogeneous programming
Crawford, Kate (2023). Atlas de IA. Poder, política y costes planetarios de la inteligencia artificial Barcelona: Ned Ediciones
A Summer School Session on Mastering Geospatial Artificial Intelligence: From Data Production to Artificial Intelligence Foundation Model Development and Downstream Applications
An accurate machine learning model to study the impact of realistic metal grain granularity on Nanosheet FETs
Digital forensic analysis of the private mode of browsers on Android
BigSeqKit: a parallel Big Data toolkit to process FASTA and FASTQ files at scale
A machine learning approach to model the impact of line edge roughness on gate-all-around nanowire FETs while reducing the carbon footprint
Prospective comparison of SURF and binary keypoint descriptors for fast hyperspectral remote sensing registration
Accelerated Extinction Profiles for Anomaly Detection in Fluvial Ecosystems
Recovering from Memory the Encryption Keys Used by Ransomware Targeting Windows and Linux Systems
Consensus Techniques for Unsupervised Binary Change Detection Using Multi-Scale Segmentation Detectors for Land Cover Vegetation Images
ResBaGAN: a Residual Balancing GAN with data augmentation for forest maping
Quantum Recurrent Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series Prediction
Dynamic workload optimisation on NUMA and heterogeneous architectures
Optimizing AI-based HEP algorithms using HPC and Quantum Computing
OPERA-gSAM: Big Data Processing Framework for UMI Sequencing at High Scalability and Efficiency
Euro-Par 2022: Parallel Processing Workshops
Characterizing zebra crossing zones using LiDAR data
A Hybrid CUDA, OpenMP, and MPI Parallel TCA-based Domain Adaptation for Classification of Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Providing female role models in STEM higher education careers, a teaching experience
Impacto de la segmentación en superpíxeles sobre clasificadores de imágenes multiespectrales basados en aprendizaje profundo
Alineamiento de imágenes multiespectrales de teledetección en un clúster de GPUs
Multi-GPU registration of high-resolution multispectral images using HSI-KAZE in a cluster system
An Optimized Superpixel-based Domain Adaptation Scheme for River Ecosystem Classification
Social Minder: a tool for social media monitoring and its use for detecting COVID-19 misinformation
Euro-Par 2021: Parallel Processing Workshops Euro-Par 2021 International Workshops, Lisbon, Portugal, August 30-31, 2021, Revised Selected Papers
Real-Time Focused Extraction of Social Media Users
A Unified Framework to Improve the Interoperability between HPC and Big Data Languages and Programming Models
High-Performance and Disruptive Computing in Remote Sensing: HDCRS-A New Working Group of the GRSS Earth Science Informatics Technical Committee
CIMAR, NIMAR, and LMMA: Novel algorithms for thread and memory migrations in user space on NUMA systems using hardware counters
Design of CGAN Models for Multispectral Reconstruction in Remote Sensing
Digital forensic analysis methodology for private browsing: Firefox and Chrome on Linux as a case study
A fast and optimal pathfinder using airborne LiDAR data
A New Multispectral Data Augmentation Technique Based on Data Imputation
Parallelization and Optimization of Iterative Solvers On High Performance Architectures
Efficient Registration of Multi and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images on GPU
HSI-MSER: Hyperspectral Image Registration Algorithm based on MSER and SIFT
Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Searching and Mining Large Collectiions of Geospatial Data (GeoSearch 2021).
Influencia del algoritmo de segmentación en la precisión y el coste computacional de la detección de cambios multiclase sobre imágenes hiperespectrales
Comparing Traditional and Neural Approaches for detecting Health-related Misinformation
Estimating the Reliability of Health-related Search Results
Colaboración entre docentes de una universidad alemana y una española para el desarrollo de seminarios prácticos acerca de la credibilidad de la información
Unha experiencia da introducción da perspectiva de xénero en materias de Intelixencia Artificial
On the road to a unified Big Data and HPC framework
A Parallel Skeleton for Divide-and-conquer Unbalanced and Deep Problems
Load balanced heterogeneous parallelism for finite difference problems on image denoising
Reliability Prediction for Health-related Content: A Replicability Study
GPU accelerated waterpixel algorithm for superpixel segmentation of hyperspectral images
LBMA and IMAR2: Weighted lottery based migration strategies for NUMA multiprocessing servers
IHP: a dynamic heterogeneous parallel scheme for iterative or time-step methods-- image denoising as case study
Dual-Window Superpixel Data Augmentation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
GPU-Accelerated Registration of Hyperspectral Images Using KAZE Features
Big Data in metagenomics: Apache Spark vs MPI
TrustE-VC: Trustworthy Evaluation Framework for Industrial Connected Vehicles in the Cloud
Texture Extraction Techniques for the Classification of Vegetation Species in Hyperspectral Imagery: Bag of Words Approach Based on Superpixels
A framework for evaluating security, trust, and efficiency of sustainable Cloud Computing for Big Data processing
Superpixel Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images using Waterpixels in Commodity Hardware
A Divide-and-conquer Parallel Skeleton for Unbalanced and Deep Problems
eXtream: a System for Real-time Monitoring of Dynamic Web Sources
A Big Data Platform for Real Time Analysis of Signs of Depression in Social Media
Next-Generation Big Data Federation Access Control: A Reference Model
Euro-Par 2019: Parallel Processing Workshops. Euro-Par 2019 International Workshops, Göttingen, Germany, August 26-30, 2019, Revised Selected Papers
Automatic Extraction of Road Points from Airborne LiDAR Based on Bidirectional Skewness Balancing
VeryFastTree: speeding up the estimation of phylogenies for large alignments through parallelization and vectorization strategies
Cloud Computing for Climate Modelling: Evaluation, Challenges and Benefits
Ignis: an efficient and scalable multi-language Big Data framework
A New Hardware Counters Based Thread Migration Strategy for NUMA Systems
A Big Data Approach to Metagenomics for All-Food-Sequencing
Big Data and large-scale Analytics: Efficiency of Sustainable Scalability and Security of Centralized Clouds and Edge Deployment Architectures
TCANet for Domain Adaptation of Hyperspectral Images
Fast Ground Filtering of Airborne LiDAR Data Based on Iterative Scan-Line Spline Interpolation
Implementación de un algoritmo de filtrado de terreno a partir de datos LiDAR sobre SoC Zynq
Caracterización vial en base a nubes de puntos LiDAR terrestre con MPI
A new hardware counters based thread migration strategy for NUMA systems
Dataflow Execution of Hierarchically Tiled Arrays
Big Data Security Frameworks Meet the Intelligent Transportation Systems Challenges
Common Security Criteria for Vehicular Clouds and Internet of Vehicles Evaluation and Selection
SURF-based registration for hyperspectral images
Exploring the Registration of Remote Sensing Images using HSI-KAZE in Graphical Units
Influence of Architectural Features of the SNC-4 Mode of the Intel Xeon Phi KNL on Matrix Multiplication
Workfunction fluctuations in polycrystalline TiN observed with KPFM and their impact on MOSFETs variability
A multi-device version of the HYFMGPU algorithm for hyperspectral scenes registration
Extended attribute profiles on GPU applied to hyperspectral image classification
Wavelet-based Multicomponent Denoising Profile for the Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Vertical-Tunnel-Junction (VTJ) Solar Cell for Ultra-High Light Concentrations (>2000 Suns)
AXC: A new format to perform the SpMV oriented to Intel Xeon Phi architecture in OpenCL
Sparse Matrix Classification on Imbalanced Datasets using Convolutional Neural Networks
Impact of threshold voltage extraction methods on semiconductor device variability
Euro-Par 2017: Parallel Processing Workshops. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Volume 10659). Euro-Par 2017 International Workshops, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, August 28-29, 2017, Revised Selected Papers
Grid, cloud and high performance computing: scientific applications' use cases
Olivia: A Developer-Friendly "Open Lidar VIsualiser and Analyser" for Point Clouds with 3D Stereoscopic View
LinguaKit: a Big Data-based multilingual tool for linguistic analysis and information extraction
A tool for runtime analysis of performance and energy usage in NUMA systems
Producto matricial en el Intel Xeon Phi KNL en el modo Sub-NUMA Clustering 4
Towards a Big Data Multi-language Framework using Docker Containers
Multiclass Change Detection for Multidimensional Images in the Presence of Noise
A New Approach for Sparse Matrix Classification Based on Deep Learning Techniques
Stacked autoencoders for multiclass change detection in hyperspectral images
Efficient multitemporal change detection techniques for hyperspectral images on GPU
GPU computation of Attribute Profiles for RS Image Classification
Towards a Multi-device Version of the HYFMGPU Algorithm for Hyperspectral Scenes Registration
Improving performance of iterative solvers with the AXC format using the Intel Xeon Phi
Spatial Sensitivity of Silicon GAA Nanowire FETs Under Line Edge Roughness Variations
Efficiency increase of a-Si:H solar cells with optimized front and back contact textures
Modelling of nanoscale multi-gate transistors affected by atomistic interface roughness
A Micromodule Approach for Building Real-Time Systems with Python-Based Models: Application to Early Risk Detection of Depression on Social Media
FoMPy: A figure of merit extraction tool for semiconductor device simulations
Caffe CNN-based classification of hyperspectral images on GPU
FinFET versus gate-all-around nanowire FET: Performance, scaling, and variability
Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies 12th International Symposium, APPT 2017, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, August 29, 2017, Proceedings
MPI-Performance-Aware-Reallocation: method to optimize the mapping of processes applied to a cloud infrastructure
Impact of Cross-Sectional Shape on 10-nm Gate Length InGaAs FinFET Performance and Variability
GPU Framework for Change Detection in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images
Metal Grain Granularity Study on a Gate-All-Around Nanowire FET
Performance evaluation of FreeSurfer medical application in cloud computing
Perldoop2: a Big Data-oriented source-to-source Perl-Java compiler
GPU Accelerated FFT-Based Registration of Hyperspectral Scenes
Comparative study of building footprint estimation methods from LiDAR point clouds
Caracterización de aplicaciones mediante información de contadores hardware en sistemas NUMA
Transformada de Fourier aplicada al alineamiento de imágenes multidimensionales en GPU
PASTASpark: multiple sequence alignment meets Big Data
Study of Strained Effects in Nanoscale GAA Nanowire FETs Using 3D Monte Carlo Simulations
Wavelet-based multicomponent denoising on GPU to improve the classification of hyperspectral images
Euro-Par 2017: Parallel Processing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
A study of the influence of VM allocation policies on MPI Bcast and MPI Exchange latency in cloud
GPU Classification for Hyperspectral Images based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Collection length and optical path improvement in a-Si:H solar cells
Possibilities of Cloud Computing for Climate Modelling
Characterisation of a tunnel field-effect transistor using 2D TCAD simulations
3D Monte Carlo simulatisns of strained Si GAA nanowire FETs with different channel orientations
Metal grain work-function variability in GAA Si nanowire via a fluctuation sensitivity map
Local Defect Density in Polycrystalline High-k Dielectrics: CAFM-Based Evaluation Methodology and Impact on MOSFET Variability
EME: An automated, elastic and efficient prototype for provisioning Hadoop clusters on-demand
Use of several Cloud Computing approaches for climate modelling: performance, costs and opportunities
Fluctuation Sensitivity Map: A Novel Technique to Characterise and Predict Device Behaviour Under Metal Grain Work-Function Variability Effects
Fourier-Mellin registration of two hyperspectral images
Graph-based approach for airborne light detection and ranging segmentation
Simulations of a Planar Silicon Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor
On the use of feature selection to improve the detection of sea oil spills in SAR images
Enabling BOINC in infrastructure as a service cloud system
2D Simulation Evaluation of PE-TFET device
Band gaps modelling of dilute bismide (GaBi x As 1-x) and dilute nitride (GaN x As 1-x)
GWM: An intelligent task manager applied to semiconductor statistical studies
Scaling/LER study of Si GAA nanowire FET using 3D finite element Monte Carlo simulations
Simulation of DIBL effect in 25 nm SOI-FinFET with the different body shapes
Landing sites detection using LiDAR data on manycore systems
GPU Projection of ECAS-II Segmenter for Hyperspectral Images Based on Cellular Automata
Sensor Observation Service Semantic Mediation: Generic Wrappers for In-Situ and Remote Devices
GPU classification of remote-sensing images using kernel ELM and extended morphological profiles
HypeRvieW: an open source desktop application for hyperspectral remote-sensing data processing
Two-dimensional simulation study of textured p-i-n a-Si:H solar cells with p-a-SiC:H and p-nc-Si:H window layers
Exploring the impact of wavelet-based denoising in the classification of remote sensing hyperspectral images
Graph-based segmentation of airborne lidar point clouds
Sentiment Analysis on Multilingual Tweets using Big Data Technologies
Aproximación a la búsqueda basada en términos sobre conjuntos de datos medioambientales
Clasificación de imágenes de teledetección mediante ELM kernel y perfiles morfológicos en GPU.
Impact of cross-section of 10.4 nm gate length In0.53Ga0.47As FinFETs on metal grain variability
3D MC simulations of strain, channel orientation, and quantum confinement effects in nanoscale Si SOI FinFETs
A simulated annealing algorithm for zoning in planning using parallel computing
GPU-Based Acceleration of ECG Characterization Using High-Order Hermite Polynomials
PRECISION: A reconfigurable SIMD/MIMD coprocessor for Computer Vision Systems-on-Chip
Towards Large Scale Environmental Data Processing with Apache Spark
Procesamiento paralelo de datos medioambientales con Apache Spark
Study of point-to-point communication latency for MPI implementations in cloud
Evolutionary Cellular Automata based Approach to High-dimensional Image Segmentation for GPU Projection
Parallel landing sites detection using LiDAR data on manycore systems
Simulation study of scaled In0.53Ga0.47As and Si FinFETs for sub-16 nm technology nodes
Study of Metal-Gate Work-Function Variation Using Voronoi Cells: Comparison of Rayleigh and Gamma Distributions
GPU-accelerated Level-Set Segmentation
SparkBWA: Speeding Up the Alignment of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Data
Challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for atmospheric sciences
Enabling BOINC in cloud Services: CPDN as example
Study of the Thermoelectric Properties of Non-Typical Semiconductor Materials with Conventional CAD Tools
Updated insight into the use of μc-Si:H n-layers in a-Si:H solar cells
Anisotropic Quantum Corrections for 3-D Finite-Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale Multigate Transistors
Comparison of Fin-Edge Roughness and Metal Grain Work Function Variability in InGaAs and Si FinFETs
Performance limitations of a text search application running in cloud instances
Boosting Performance of a Statistical Machine Translation System Using Dynamic Parallelism
GWMEP: Task-Manager- as-a-Service in Apache CloudStack
Scaling/LER Study of Si GAA Nanowire FET using 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations
Study of basic vector operations on Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla using OpenCL
BigBWA: Approaching the Burrows-Wheeler Aligner to Big Data Technologies
Multi-junction solar cells electrical characterization by neuronal networks under different irradiance, spectrum and cell temperature
An Open Source Desktop Application for Classification of Remote Sensing Data
Paralelización de un clasificador automático de objetos con datos de sensores remotos LiDAR
Optimización del almacenamiento de datos en la gestión energética de edificios inteligentes
Multi-Subband Interface Roughness Scattering using 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo with 2D Schodinger Equation for Simulations of sub-16nm FinFETs
Anisotropic Schrodinger Equation Quantum Corrections for 3D Monte Carlo simulations of Nanoscale Multigate Transistors
Multi-Subband Interface Roughness Scattering using 2D Finite Element Schodinger Equation for Monte Carlo Simulations of Multi-Gate Transistors
A Flexible Cluster System for the Management of Virtual Clusters in the Cloud
Improving CPU Service Offerings in Apache CloudStack
Reconfigurable computing for future vision-capable devices
Multijunction Concentrator Solar Cells: Analysis and Fundamentals
Anisotropic Schrödinger Equation Quantum Corrections for 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Triangular SOI Fin-FET
Evaluation of the Collection Length and Optical Path Enhancement in a-Si:H Solar Cells
The effect of interface roughness scattering on Si SOI FinFET with Ando's and extended Prange and Nee model
General Workload Manager: a Task Manager as a Service
Federated Big Data for resource aggregation and load balancing with DIRAC
Variability Characterisation of Nanoscale Si and InGaAs Fin Field-Effect-Transistors at Subthreshold
Efficient ELM-Based Techniques for the Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images on Commodity GPUs
Wavelet Based Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Extended Morphological Profiles on Graphics Processing Units
BigDataDIRAC: deploying distributed Big Data application
Study of the KVM CPU performance of Open-Source cloud management platforms
Design and Monte Carlo Simulation of a LED-based Optic Coupler
Multivariate Analysis of Variance for High Energy Physics Software in Virtualized Environments
Implementation and performance analysis of the AXPY, DOT, and SpMV functions on Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla using OpenCL
Power and Energy Implications of the Number of Threads Used on the Intel Xeon Phi
Power and Energy Implications of the Number of Threads Used on the Intel Xeon Phi
Comparison of state-of-the-art distributed computing frameworks with the GWM
Spectral Coupling of Atmosphere and the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells
A tool to deploy nanodevice simulations on Cloud
Implementation of numerical methods for nanoscaled semiconductor device simulation using OpenCL
Raytracing and electromagnetic 2-D simulations of the EQE of a-Si:H thin-film solar cells
ELM-based Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Extended Morphological Profiles and Composite Feature Mappings
3-D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Scaled Si SOI FinFET With Different Cross Sections
Towards Fast Multimedia Feature Extraction: Hadoop or Storm
3DyRM: a dynamic roofline model including memory latency information
Perldoop: Efficient Execution of Perl Scripts on Hadoop Clusters
Variability characterisation of nanoscale Si and InGaAs FinFETs at subthreshold
Multiobjective Optimization Technique Based on Monitoring Information to Increase the Performance of Thread Migration on Multicores
Clasificación Supervisada de Imágenes de Sensado Remoto en GPU
Thread migration techniques based on dynamic Roofline models and latency information
Optimizing the representation of intervals
MC/DD Study of Metal Grain Induced Current Variability in a Nanoscale InGaAs FinFET
Análisis morfosintáctico y clasificación de entidades nombradas en un entorno Big Data
A New Rounding Method Based on Parallel Remainder Estimation for Goldschmidt and Newton-Raphson Algorithms
Performance Prediction and Evaluation
Hierarchically Tiled Array as a High-Level Abstraction for Codelets
Implementation of the KVM Hypervisor on Several Cloud Platforms: Tuning the Apache CloudStack Agent
Fast radix-10 Multiplication Using Redundant BCD
Fostering data reduction and analysis in radio astronomy with CASA through the use of Cloud and virtualization technologies
Efficient Classification of Hyperspectral Images on Commodity GPUs using ELM-based Techniques
3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Study of Scaled Triangular SOI FinFETs using 2D Schrödinger Quantum Corrections
Heterogeneous sensor data integration for crowdsensing applications
Evaluación del rendimiento de hipervisores usados en infraestructuras cloud que aprovechan la virtualización por hardware
Assessment, Design and Implementation of a Private Cloud for MapReduce Applications
Cloud flexibility using DIRAC interware
Influence of device geometry on electrical characteristics of a 10.7 nm SOI-FinFET
WN and TiN metal gate workfunction variability in a 10.4 nm gate length InGaAs FinFET
Influence of textured interfaces in the performance of a–Si:H double–junction solar cell
3D Finite Element Schrodinger Equation Corrected Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale FinFETs
Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures
A hardware counter-based toolkit for the analysis of memory accesses in SMPs
3D Monte Carlo Study of Scaled SOI FinFETs Using 2D Schrodinger Quantum Corrections
Scaling of Metal Gate Workfunction Variability in nanometer SOI-FinFETs
Using an extended Roofline Model to understand data and thread affinities on NUMA systems
Statistical study of the influence of LER and MGG in SOI MOSFET
Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Wavelets and Extended Morphological Profiles
Random Dopant, Line-Edge Roughness, and Gate Workfunction Variability in a Nano InGaAs FinFET
Quantum Corrections Based on the 2-D Schrödinger Equation for 3-D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscaled FinFETs
FPGA Implementation of an Efficient Algorithm for the Calculation of Charged Particle Trajectories in Cosmic Ray Detectors
Study of data locality and thread affinity on multicore systems using the Roofline Model
Using sampled information: is it enough for the sparse matrix-vector product locality optimization?
Obtaining Accurate Error Expressions and Bounds for Floating-Point Multiplicative Algorithms
Modeling the performance of parallel applications using model selection techniques
Impact of series and shunt resistances in amorphous silicon thin film solar cells
Exploring ELM-based spatial–spectral classification of hyperspectral images
Analysis of high concentrator photovoltaic modules in outdoor conditions: Influence of direct normal irradiance, air temperature, and air mass
Computing Efficiently Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images on Commodity GPUs
Sparse matrix-vector multiplication on the Single-Chip Cloud Computer many-core processor
Efficient 2D and 3D Watershed on Graphics Processing Unit: Block-Asynchronous Approaches Based on Cellular Automata
Multiresolution rendering based on gpgpu computing
Una experiencia real de anotación semántica a gran escala utilizando recursos de computación heterogéneos
Extensión del modelo Roofline y herramientas para su uso
Partitioning and mapping a fast level-set algorithm on the GPU
Improving subthreshold MSB-EMC simulations by dynamic particle weighting
Iterative Algorithm and Architecture for Exponential, Logarithm, Powering and Root Extraction
Mapping Sets for Spatial Observation Data Warehouses
High-Speed FPGA Architecture for CABAC Decoding Acceleration in H.264/AVC Standard
A Flexible and Dynamic Page Migration Infrastructure based on Hardware Counters
A GPU-based multiresolution pipeline for compressed volume rendering
3D Finite Element Quantum Corrected Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale Si SOI FinFETs
DyRM: A Dynamic Roofline Model Based on Runtime Information
Outdoor evaluation of concentrator photovoltaic systems modules from different manufacturers: first results and steps
A two subcell equivalent solar cell model for III-V triple junction solar cells under spectrum and temperature variations
3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Multigate Nanoscale Transistors
Experimental characterization of peripheral photocurrent in CMOS photodiodes down to 65 nm technology
Simulation of the spin polarization and the charge transport in Zener tunnel junctions based on ferromagnetic GaAs and ZnO
Simulation of a-Si:H Dual Junction Solar Cells
Nanodevice simulations on CloudStack
Calculation of Cell Temperature in a HCPV Module using Voc
Development of a very fast spectral response measurement system for silicon thin film modules
Performance of Two Possible Implementations of ILUT Preconditioners in the 3D Nanodevice Simulation
Study of statistical variability in nanoscale transistors introduced by LER, RDF and MGG
Three-Dimensional Simulations of Random Dopant and Metal-Gate Workfunction Variability in an In0.53Ga0.47As GAA MOSFET
Development of a very fast spectral response measurement system for analysis of hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cells and modules
High performance genetic algorithm for land use planning
Render on the cloud: Using Cinelerra on virtualized infrastructures
Cloud computing for teaching and learning MPI with improved network communications
Redundant Floating-point Decimal CORDIC Algorithm
Influencia de las mesetas en la implementación de watershed sobre GPUs
Proyección del método de segmentación del conjunto de nivel en GPU
Uso de algoritmos genéticos para la obtención de modelos estadísticos de rendimiento
Performance of numerical simulations on the cloud
Análisis del rendimiento de una aplicación cosmológica sobre máquinas virtuales
Performance of OpenMP simulations on the cloud
Efficient segmentation of hyperspectral images on commodity GPUs
3D Simulation Study of Work-Function Variability in a 25 nm Metal-Gate FinFET with Curved Geometry using Voronoi Grains
3D simulations of random dopant induced threshold voltage variability in inversion–mode In0.53Ga0.47As GAA MOSFETs
Simulation of light trapping and electrical performance of thin film aSi:H solar cells with textured interfaces
A Graphical Tool for Performance Analysis of Multicore Systems Based on the Roofline Model
Memory Hierarchy Optimization for Large Tridiagonal System Solvers on GPU
Efficient GPU Asynchronous Implementation of a Watershed Algorithm Based on Cellular Automata
Hardware Counters Based Analysis of Memory Accesses in SMPs
Performance of the CloudStack KVM Pod primary storage under NFS version 3
Model Selection to Characterize Performance using Genetic Algorithms
SIMD/MIMD dynamically-reconfigurable architecture for high-performance embedded vision systems
Static Multipole Method Applied to Boundary Conditions for Semiconductor Device Simulations
8th Conference on Real Numbers and Computers
Feature detection and matching on an SIMD/MIMD hybrid embedded processor
Formiga CLOUD: una herramienta para la gestión y aprovechamiento de los recursos de las aulas de informática
GPU-based infrared thermography for NDE of minefields
The Split-and-Merge Method in General Purpose Computation on GPUs
Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation of DGSOI MOSFET
A generalization of s-step variants of gradient methods
Experiences with the Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on a Many-core Processor
The Integration of CloudStack and OCCI/OpenNebula with DIRAC
Optimization of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Using Reordering Techniques on GPUs
3D ‘atomistic’ simulations of dopant induced variability in nanoscale implant free In0.75Ga0.25As MOSFETs
High-Performance Monte Carlo Radiosity on GPU based on Scene Partitioning
Pacman: Tolerating Asymmetric Data Races with Unintrusive Hardware
GPU-Based Visualization of Hybrid Terrain Models
Towards Real-Time Hyperspectral Image Processing: A GPGPU Implementation of Target Identification
Extended Hybrid Meshing Algorithm for Multiresolution Terrain Models
FlexSig: Implementing Flexible Hardware Signatures
Estimating the Effect of Cache Misses on the Performance of Parallel Applications Using Analytical Models
Parallel Hierarchical Radiosity on Hybrid Platforms
Efficient segmentation of hyperspectral images on commodity GPUs
DIRAC integration with CloudStack
Simulación y modelado de la magnetorresistencia en uniones magnéticas túnel multicapa
Using accurate AIC-based performance models to improve the scheduling of parallel applications
Multi-Subband Ensemble Monte Carlo simulation of bulk MOSFETs for the 32 nm-node and beyond
Variable Latency Goldschmidt Algorithm Based on a New Rounding Method and a Remainder Estimate
Analyzing the Execution of Sparse Matrix-Vector Product on the Finisterrae SMP-NUMA System
Descripción de la Plataforma Formiga Cloud
Comparativa y Estudio de distribución de software de cálculo científico en entornos cloud con CVMFS
Estimación del efecto de los fallos cache en el rendimiento de aplicaciones paralelas
Comparación del rendimiento entre hipervisores XEN y KVM usando virtualización
Herramientas para la monitorización de los accesos a memoria de códigos paralelos mediante contadores hardware
Influence of air mass, DNI and air temperature in CPV modules: Study of different technologies
Composite Iterative Algorithm and Architecture for q-th Root Calculation
A parallel algorithm based on simulated annealing for land use zoning plans
Study of Performance Issues on a SMP-NUMA System Using the Roofline Model
A Study of Memory Access Patterns in Irregular Parallel Codes Using Hardware Counter-Based Tools
Selecting the Best Tridiagonal System Solver Projected on Multi-Core CPU and GPU Platforms
A Java-based Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Land Use Planning Problem
An Open-Source cloud management platform comparison
Implementation of the Density Gradient Quantum Corrections for 3-D Simulations of Multigate Nanoscaled Transistors
Spin-polarized transport in a full magnetic pn tunnel junction
Simulation of electron transport in magnetic tunnel junctions using the drift-diffusion model
An e-science infrastructure for nanoelectronic simulations based on grid and cloud technologies
Simulation of the temperature dependence of a-Si:H solar cell current-voltage characteristics
Temperature dependence of monolithic III-V triple-junction solar cell
Efficient Monte Carlo Simulation of n-MOSFET on unstructured Meshes
Simulation of the effect of p-layer properties on the electrical behaviour of a a-Si:H thin solar cell
Simulation of transport in fully epitaxial (Zn,Co)O/ZnO/(Zn,Co)O magnetic tunnel junction
Drift-Diffusion simulations of a 20 nm InGaAs implant free quantum well MOSFET
Parallel performance of the PETSc Krylov methods applied to linear systems of 3D nanodevice simulators
Guest Editors Introduction: Special Section on Computer Arithmetic
Multi-Subband Monte Carlo Simulation of Oxide Thickness Fluctuation on SGSOI MOSFETs
3D Monte Carlo simulations of a 25 nm gate length SOI FinFET using unstructured tetrahedral grids
EPIMETA: un Metapaquete de Epilinux
Retelab: A geospatial grid web laboratory for the oceanographic research community
Improving the Scheduling of Parallel Applications using Accurate AIC-based Performance Models
Automatic parameter assessment of logp-based communication models in MPI environments
GPU detectors for interference cancellation in chaos-based CDMA communications
Improved Design of High-Performance Parallel Decimal Multipliers
Channel Length impact on Velocity Overshoot in UTB-DGSOI
Impact of Random Dopant Fluctuations on a Tri-Gate MOSFET
Performance Modeling of MPI Applications Using Model Selection Techniques
Lessons Learnt Porting Parallelisation Techniques for Irregular Codes to NUMA Systems
Multi-Subband Monte Carlo study of device orientation effects in ultra-short channel DGSOI
Channel Inversion Charge Dependence on Silicon Thickness in Ultra Thin Double-Gate SOI MOSFETs
Reduction of the self-forces in Monte Carlo simulations of semiconductor devices on unstructured meshes
On the Influence of Thread Allocation for Irregular Codes in NUMA Systems
Simplifying the Rounding for Newton-Raphson Algorithm with Parallel Remainder Calculation
Desarrollo e Implementación de un Laboratorio Virtual para la Teledetección Oceanográfica basado en Grid
Metaschedulers in the environment of eScience portals: a case study with GridWay
A Cache Filtering Mechanism for Hardware Transactional Memory Systems Decoupled from Caches
Proyección de Algoritmos de Resolución de Sistemas Tridiagonales en la Tarjeta Gráfica
El Criterio de Información de Akaike en la Obtención de Modelos Estadísticos de Rendimiento
Highly Parallel Image Processing on a Massively Parallel Processor Array
Variable Latency Rounding for Goldschmidt Algorithm with Parallel Remainder Estimation
High Performance Image Processing on a Massively Parallel Processor
Tunneling magnetoresistance dependence on the temperature in a ferromagnetic Zener diode
An Integration of Several Technologies in the Architecture Definition and Deployment of a Geospatial Grid Web Portal
Evaluating Sparse Matrix-Vector Product on the FinisTerrae Supercomputer
An Integrated Solution to Store, Manage and Work with Datasets Focused on Metadata in the Retelab Grid Project
Accurate Analytical Performance Model of Communications in MPI Applications
Metaschedulers in the environment of eScience portals: a case study with GridWay
Quantum Wavelet Transforms of Any Order
Impact of intrinsic parameter fluctuations on the performance of In0.75Ga0.25As implant free MOSFETs
Optimization of linear systems for 3D parallel simulation of semiconductor devices: Application to statistical studies
Greedy Performance Metrics for Grid Schedulers
A Collective I/O Implementation Based on Inspector-Executor Paradigm
Forcing one-sided results in Goldschmidt algorithm
Exploiting Data Compression in Collective I/O Techniques
Reordering Algorithms for Increasing Locality on Multicore Processors
Obtención de modelos estadísticos de rendimiento de las comunicaciones en aplicaciones MPI
A New Rounding Algorithm for Variable Latency Division and Square Root Implementations
Benchmarking of Scaled InGaAs Implant-Free NanoMOSFETs
A Hardware Error Estimate for Floating-Point Computations
DT-CNN emulator: 3D heat equation solver with applications on the non-destructive soil inspection
An FPGA Architecture for CABAC Decoding in Manycore Systems
Highly efficient simulations of semiconductor devices
Data Locality Aware Strategy for Two-Phase Collective I/O
Fast Retinal Vessel Tree Extraction: A Pixel Parallel Approach
An integrated Solution to the Security User Access in the RETELAB Grid Project, using a Web System based on Portlets and a RBAC Model by means of User Attribute Certificates and PKI
Atomistic mesh generation for the simulation of nanoscale metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
Tetrahedral elements in self-consistent parallel 3D Monte Carlo simulations of MOSFETs
Random dopant related variability in the 30 nm gate length In0.75Ga0.25As implant free MOSFET
A Digit-by-Digit Algorithm for mth Root Extraction
A Radix-2 Digit-by-Digit Architecture for Cube Root
Spin polarized tunneling in a ferromagnetic Zener diode
Simulación de códigos de N-cuerpos en sistemas de memoria distribuida mediante un algoritmo paralelo por etapas
Analytical Performance Models of Parallel Programs in Clusters
Entropy Coding on a Programmable Processor Array for Multimedia SOC
An Inspector/Executor Based Strategy to Efficiently Parallelize N-Body Simulation Programs on shared memory systems
Simulation of parallel applications in GridSim
Hardware Support for Adaptive Tessellation of Bezier Surfaces Based on Local Tests
Software Tools for Performance Modeling of Parallel Programs
Impact of intrinsic parameter fluctuations on the performance of HEMTs studied with a 3D parallel drift-diffusion simulator