eRisk 2023: Depression, Pathological Gambling, and Eating Disorder Challenges
Quantum Recurrent Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series Prediction
Improving the Reliability of Health Information Credibility Assessments
Aprendizaxe de materias de programación e intelixencia artificial con perspectiva de xénero
Analysis of the statistical impact of variability in a 12 nm nanosheet FET
Few-Shot Image Classification for Automatic COVID-19 Diagnosis
An ensemble-based phenotype classifier to diagnose Crohn’s disease from 16s rRNA gene sequences
Relation networks for few-shot video object detection
DisorBERT: A Double Domain Adaptation Model for Detecting Signs of Mental Disorders in Social Media
The Role of Lexical Alignment in Human Understanding of Explanations by Conversational Agents
Towards Ultra-High Efficiency Laser Power Converters: 3C- SiC-Based Vertical Epitaxial Hetero-Structure Architecture Devices
S2 -LOR: Supervised Stream Learning for Object Recognition
Implementación paralela del algoritmo HSI-MSER para el registro de imágenes hiperespectrales
Some lessons learned reproducing human evaluation of a data-to-text system
Prospective comparison of SURF and binary keypoint descriptors for fast hyperspectral remote sensing registration
On the Integration of Machine Learning and Array Databases
A Targeted Assessment of the Syntactic Abilities of Transformer Models for Galician-Portuguese
Framework para la Descripción Automática de Procesos en Lenguaje Natural: Aplicación en un Proceso Asistencial Integrado de Estenosis Aórtica
eRisk 2022: pathological gambling, depression and eating disorder challenges
Fast Multi-Object Tracking with Feature Pyramid and Region Proposal Networks
Do we still need Human Assessors? Prompt based GPT-3 User Simulation in Conversational AI
Enseñando a diseñar sistemas software para la sostenibilidad: una experiencia docente
SemEval-2022 Task 2: Multilingual Idiomaticity Detection and Sentence Embedding
Design of a 5-bit SRAM-based In-Memory Computing Cell for Deep Learning Models
TAQE: A Data Modeling Framework for Traffic and Air Quality Applications in Smart Cities
ICA2TEXT: A system for the automatic natural language description of air quality time series
Proxecto Nós: Artificial Intelligence at the Service of the Galician Language
Alineamiento de imágenes multiespectrales de teledetección en un clúster de GPUs
The Nós Project: Opening routes for the Galician language in the field of language technologies
An exploration of the semantic knowledge in vector models: polysemy, synonymy and idiomaticity
Impacto de la segmentación en superpíxeles sobre clasificadores de imágenes multiespectrales basados en aprendizaje profundo
Multi-GPU registration of high-resolution multispectral images using HSI-KAZE in a cluster system
An Optimized Superpixel-based Domain Adaptation Scheme for River Ecosystem Classification
IDALib: a Python library for efficient image data augmentation
Guidelines for Bimodal Virtual Assistants
2HDED:NET for joint depth estimation and image deblurring from a single out-of-focus image
Providing female role models in STEM higher education careers, a teaching experience
A comprehensive Pelgrom-based on-current variability model for FinFET, NWFET and NSFET
Dealing with hallucination and omission in neural Natural Language Generation: A use case on meteorology
Threshold voltage variability study in a 12 nm gate length Nanosheet FET
A neural machine translation system for Galician from transliterated Portuguese text
Federated Learning from Demonstration for Active Assistance to Smart Wheelchair Users
A 2-Tap Macro-Pixel-Based Indirect ToF CMOS Image Sensor for Multi-Frequency Demodulation
Fast Time-Domain Super-Resolution for Single-Shot Multi-Path ToF Imaging
A General-Purpose CMOS Vision Sensor with In-Pixel 5-bit Convolutional Layer Computation
Optimizing AI-based HEP algorithms using HPC and Quantum Computing
An Adaptive Video-to-Video Face Identification System Based on Self-Training
Correlation-based ConvNet for Small Object Detection in Videos
SiamMT: Real-Time Arbitrary Multi-Object Tracking
Cost-effective Identification of On-topic Search Queries using Multi-Armed Bandits
Reliability Prediction for Health-related Content: A Replicability Study
Testing the Tests: Simulation of Rankings to Compare Statistical Significance Tests in Information Retrieval Evaluation
eRisk 2021: Pathological Gambling, Self-Harm and Depression Challenges
Comparing Dependency-based Compositional Models with Contextualized Word Embedding
Estimating the Reliability of Health-related Search Results
Perspectiva de género en Inteligencia Artificial
Comparing Traditional and Neural Approaches for detecting Health-related Misinformation
A Framework for Analyzing Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics: A Use-case in Banking Services
Prometheus: Harnessing Fuzzy Logic and Natural Language for Human-centric Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Un sistema para la descripción automática en lenguaje natural de gráficas de sectores: aplicación en datos de calidad del aire
Colaboración entre docentes de una universidad alemana y una española para el desarrollo de seminarios prácticos acerca de la credibilidad de la información
Unha experiencia da introducción da perspectiva de xénero en materias de Intelixencia Artificial
Exploring the Representation of Word Meanings in Context: A Case Study on Homonymy and Synonymy
Evaluación empírica de modelos de cuantificación borrosa aplicados a un agente conversacional
Fuzzy Temporal Protoforms for the Quantitative Description of Processes in Natural Language
In-silico Selection of the Best 16S rRNA Gene Primers for Detecting Oral Bacteria and Archaea
CiTIUS at FakeDeS 2021: A Hybrid Strategy for Fake News Detection
Virtual laser scanning (VLS) in forestry – Investigating appropriate 3D forest representations for LiDAR simulations with HELIOS++
Assessing the Representations of Idiomaticity in Vector Models with a Noun Compound Dataset Labeled at Type and Token Levels
Overview of eRisk 2021: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet (extended overview)
Overview of eRisk 2021: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet
Embedded ethics to teach machine learning courses: an experience
A new data augmentation technique for the CNN-based classification of hyperspectral imagery
Una nueva técnica de aumentado de datos para la clasificación de imágenes hiperespectrales mediante CNN
Influencia del algoritmo de segmentación en la precisión y el coste computacional de la detección de cambios multiclase sobre imágenes hiperespectrales
Spatio-Temporal Object Detection from UAV On-Board Cameras
Predictive Potential of Anatomical Tooth Relationships for Determining Chronological Age Using a Semi-automated Approach
Redundancy of 16S rRNA Genes in Genomes from Oral Bacteria and Archaea
CiTIUS at the TREC 2021 Health Misinformation Track
PrimerEvalPy: a tool for in-silico evaluation of primers for targeting the microbiome
Semiconductor devices variability: modelling, characterization and data management
Impact of metal grain granularity on three gate-all-around advanced architectures
Proposal of a Single-Shot Multi-Frame Multi-Frequency CMOS ToF Sensor
Probing for Idiomaticity in Vector Space Models
Extreme learning machine with confidence interval based bias initialization
On the road to a unified Big Data and HPC framework
Towards a Non-Functional Requirements Discovery Approach for Persuasive Systems
An experimental study on the use of fuzzy quantification models for linguistic descriptions of data
Experimental Study on Generating Multi-modal Explanations of Black-box Classifiers in terms of Gray-box Classifiers
The Impact of Linguistic Knowledge in Different Strategies to Learn Cross-Lingual Distributional Models
Generation and Evaluation of Factual and Counterfactual Explanations for Decision Trees and Fuzzy Rule-based Classifiers
Building Explanations for Fuzzy Decision Trees with the ExpliClas Software
Empirical Study of Fuzzy Quantification Models for Linguistic Descriptions of Meteorological Data
Understanding Implicit User Feedback from Multisensorial and Physiological Data: A case study
eRisk 2020: Self-harm and Depression Challenges
Aprendizaje experiencial e introducción de estresores en el diseño de una práctica centrada en procesos de gestión
eXtream: a System for Real-time Monitoring of Dynamic Web Sources
Smart Toys, Smart Tangibles, Robots and other Smart Things for Children
A Divide-and-conquer Parallel Skeleton for Unbalanced and Deep Problems
RoI Feature Propagation for Video Object Detection
Estimation of customer activity patterns in open malls by means of combining localization and process mining techniques
Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Explaining Bayesian Networks in Natural Language: State of the Art and Challenges
Superpixel Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images using Waterpixels in Commodity Hardware
Functional regression models for the prediction of Covid-19
A proof of concept on triangular test evaluation for Natural Language Generation
Towards Harnessing Natural Language Generation to Explain Black-box Models
CiTIUS at the TREC 2020 Health Misinformation Track
Compact CMOS Class-AB Output Stage With Robust Behavior Against PVT Variations
Plenary Talk on "Interactive Natural Language Technology for Human-Centric Explainable Artificial Intelligence"
Plenary Talk on "Paving the way from Fuzzy Logic towards Explainable Artificial Intelligence"
CitiusNLP at SemEval-2020 Task 3: Comparing Two Approaches for Word Vector Contextualization
Gender perspective in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Emobook: A Multimedia Life Story Book App for Reminiscence Intervention
Exploring the MSER-based hyperspectral remote sensing image registration
Towards deep learning reliable gender estimation from dental panoramic radiographs
Smart Toys++: Exploiting the Social Connectedness for Playing and Learning
Concept Drift Detection and Adaptation for Robotics and Mobile Devices in Federated and Continual Settings
Social Minder: a tool for social media monitoring and its use for detecting COVID-19 misinformation
Measuring Model Understandability by means of Shapley Additive Explanations
Overview of eRisk 2020: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet
Process-To-Text: a framework for the quantitative description of processes in natural language
Time-of-Flight Pixel with Homodyne Phase Demodulation in Standard CMOS Technology
Live Demonstration: Deep Learning-Based Visual Tracking of Multiple Objects on a Low-Power Embedded System
Leveraging Bitmap Indexing for Subgraph Searching
Graduated Fidelity Lattices for Motion Planning under Uncertainty
Early detection of risks on the Internet: an exploratory campaign
On-Chip Solar Cell and PMU on the Same Substrate with Cold Start-Up from nW and 80 dB of Input Power Range for Biomedical Applications
Procesamiento eficiente de nubes de puntos LiDAR aéreo para aplicaciones de caracterización del terreno
Detector of small objects with application to the license plate symbols
CiTIUS-COLE at SemEval -2019 Task 5: Combining Linguistic Features to Identify Hate Speech Against Immigrants and Women on Multilingual Tweets
NER and Open Information Extraction for Portuguese: Notebook for IberLEF 2019 Portuguese Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Tasks
ExpliClas: Automatic Generation of Explanations in Natural Language for Weka Classifiers
Py4JFML: A Python wrapper for using the IEEE Std 1855-2016 through JFML
Content Determination for Natural Language Descriptions of Predictive Bayesian Networks
Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Kids
The use of an Explainable Artificial Intelligence Tool for Decision-making Support in Virtual Learning Environments
Dataflow Execution of Hierarchically Tiled Arrays
A Nichesourcing Framework Applied to Software Sustainability Requirements
A Pluggable Authentication Module for Big Data Federation Architecture
Clustering Hydrographic Conditions in Galician Estuaries
Influence of Architectural Features of the SNC-4 Mode of the Intel Xeon Phi KNL on Matrix Multiplication
SID4VAM: A Benchmark Dataset with Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
Real-Time Traffic Monitoring with Occlusion Handling
A Real-Time Processing Stand-Alone Multiple Object Visual Tracking System
Identifying Causal Relations in Legal Documents with Dependency Syntactic Analysis
Assessing the Influence of Size Category of the Project in God Class Detection, an Experimental Approach based on Machine Learning (MLA)
Unsupervised Compositional Translation of Multiword Expressions
Qualifying and Quantifying Uncertainty in Digital Humanities: A Fuzzy-Logic Approach
Supervised Classifiers to Identify Hate Speech on English and Spanish Tweets
SURF-based registration for hyperspectral images
Automatic Detection and Characterization of Power Lines and their Surroundings Using LiDAR Data
Generating Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling
Overview of eRisk 2019. Early Risk Prediction on the Internet
Discovering Latent Depression Patterns in Online Social Media
Big Data Security Frameworks Meet the Intelligent Transportation Systems Challenges
Incremental Learning Techniques within a Self-updating Approach for Face Verification in Video-Surveillance
Simplification of Complex Process Models by Abstracting Infrequent Behaviour
A new hardware counters based thread migration strategy for NUMA systems
Caracterización vial en base a nubes de puntos LiDAR terrestre con MPI
Implementación de un algoritmo de filtrado de terreno a partir de datos LiDAR sobre SoC Zynq
Common Security Criteria for Vehicular Clouds and Internet of Vehicles Evaluation and Selection
Computación eficiente de perfiles de difusión para la extracción de información espectral-espacial
Pattern-based Simplification of Process Models
Paving the way towards counterfactual generation in argumentative conversational agents
Texture-based analysis of hydrographical basins with multispectral imagery
Factores que tienen en cuenta los desarrolladores en la priorización de smells para su corrección: conclusiones después de una réplica
Learning from the Individuals and the Crowd in Robotics and Mobile Devices
Design methodology of a 0.7 V, 64.5 pW @ 36°C, 1830 μm² Subthreshold Voltage Reference for Implantable Devices
Comparing area-based and feature-based methods for co-registration of multispectral bands on GPU
In situ Evolution Pattern of Dental Plaque Through Plaque Indices by Imaging Analysis
INVERBIS: minería de datos aplicada a la mejora de procesos
BrEarth: Tecnología de almacenes de datos para el cerebro de la tierra
A Micromodule Approach for Building Real-Time Systems with Python-Based Models: Application to Early Risk Detection of Depression on Social Media
A bibliometric analysis of the explainable artificial intelligence research field
Reinterpreting Interpretability for Fuzzy Linguistic Descriptions of Data
FoMPy: A figure of merit extraction tool for semiconductor device simulations
Building Python-Based Topologies for Massive Processing of Social Media Data in Real Time
Shannon Entropy as Background Dynamics Estimator In Foreground Detector Algorithms
Impact of Analog Memories Non-Idealities on the Performance of Foreground Detection Algorithms
Cost-effective construction of Information Retrieval test collections
Generación Automática de Explicaciones en Lenguaje Natural para Árboles de Decisión de Clasificación
Stacked autoencoders for multiclass change detection in hyperspectral images
Hybrid Data-Expert Explainable Beer Style Classifier
Explainable AI Beer Style Classifier
Descripciones lingüísticas de datos de observación meteorológica usando temple simulado
GPU computation of Attribute Profiles for RS Image Classification
Representing Imprecise and Uncertain Knowledge in Digital Humanities: A Theoretical Framework and ConML Implementation with a Real Case Study
Improving Design Smell Detection for Adoption in Industry
Detección de concept drift en minería de procesos basado en agrupamiento de trazas
Modelado borroso de referencias geográficas textuales sobre datos de expertos
Smart Navigation for a Storytelling Multi-Robot Setting
Sorption of phenylurea herbicides by soils: Modelling uncertainty and ruling factors with an artificial neural-based fuzzy inference system
Task-Oriented Evaluation of Dependency Parsing with Open Information Extraction
A tool for runtime analysis of performance and energy usage in NUMA systems
DenTiUS Plaque: a web-based tool for quantifying dental plaque levels
High validity of dental plaque indices by imaging analysis
A Comparative Study of Polarity Lexicons to Identify Extreme Opinions
Fully automatic teeth segmentation in adult OPG images
A New Approach for Sparse Matrix Classification Based on Deep Learning Techniques
Towards a Big Data Multi-language Framework using Docker Containers
LinguaKit: a Big Data-based multilingual tool for linguistic analysis and information extraction
Meteorologists and Students: A resource for language grounding of geographical descriptors
Incremento de las capacidades ejecutivas mediante el uso de herramientas interactivas basadas en gestos: Caso de estudio la memoria de trabajo.
Multimodal User Interaction for GIS Applications (MUI_GIS).
Overview of eRisk 2018: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet (extended lab overview)
Overview of eRisk: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet
Producto matricial en el Intel Xeon Phi KNL en el modo Sub-NUMA Clustering 4
Evaluation of Distributional Models with the Outlier Detection Task
CitiusNLP at SemEval-2018 Task 10: The Use of Transparent Distributional Models and Salient Contexts to Discriminate Word Attributes
Consulta eficiente de datos moleculares: Situación actual y retos futuros
Reconstruction of Tomographic Images through Machine Learning Techniques
Multiclass Change Detection for Multidimensional Images in the Presence of Noise
Supporting Content Design with an Eye Tracker: The Case of Weather-based Recommendations
Rethinking children's co-creation processes beyond the design of TUIs
Poster: Discovering requirements of behaviour change software systems from negative user experience
Aplicando Gamificación con Kahoot en el desarrollo de competencias
Desarrollo de un repositorio común de contenidos para facilitar el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje
Measuring language distance among historical varieties using perplexity. Application to European Portuguese
Scene Wireframes Sketching for Drones
Outlier Detection for Line Matching
Study of GaAs Vertical Solar Cells at High Concentration Levels
Naive-Bayesian Classification for Bot Detection in Twitter Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2019
STDnet: A ConvNet for Small Target Detection
Adapting SimpleNLG to Galician language
Overview of eRisk at CLEF 2019: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet (extended overview)
Overview of eRisk at CLEF 2020: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet (extended overview)
Deep Learning para detección y tracking de objetos en vídeo
Overview of eRisk 2022: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet (Extended Overview)
Overview of eRisk 2022: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet
An accurate neural network model to study threshold voltage variability due to metal grain granularity in Nanosheet FETs
Exploring Unsupervised Methods to Textual Similarity
Linguistic Features to Identify Extreme Opinions: An Empirical Study
Estudio empírico sobre el tratamiento de la sinonimia en los razonamientos vagos
Band gaps modelling of dilute bismide (GaBi x As 1-x) and dilute nitride (GaN x As 1-x)
rLDCP: R package for text generation from data
An Empirical Approach for Modeling Fuzzy Geographical Descriptors
An Exploratory Study on the Benefits of using Natural Language for Explaining Fuzzy Rule-based Systems
Looking for a real-world-semantics-based approach to the interpretability of fuzzy systems
EME: An automated, elastic and efficient prototype for provisioning Hadoop clusters on-demand
Automatic Construction of Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons for Polarity Classification
2D Simulation Evaluation of PE-TFET device
Possibilities of Cloud Computing for Climate Modelling
A Web Interface for Diachronic Semantic Search in Spanish
Simulations of a Planar Silicon Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor
3D Monte Carlo simulatisns of strained Si GAA nanowire FETs with different channel orientations
Characterisation of a tunnel field-effect transistor using 2D TCAD simulations
Adapting SimpleNLG to Spanish
Comparative study of xAPI validation tools
What do datasets say about saliency models?
A Perplexity-Based Method for Similar Languages Discrimination
Compositional Semantics using Feature-Based Models from WordNet
Use of several Cloud Computing approaches for climate modelling: performance, costs and opportunities
Estimating rodent brain volume by a deformable contour model
Comparative study of artificial neural network models for forecasting the indoor temperature in smart buildings
VICLEO: A Visualization Tool for Representing the Semantic Field of Statements
In the Quest of Vision-Sensors-on-Chip: Pre-Processing Sensors for Data Reduction
Using fuzzy sets in a data-to-text system for business service intelligence
Scalable Modeling of Thermal Dynamics in Buildings using Fuzzy Rules for Regression
Effect of Temporal and Spatial Noise on the Performance of Hardware Oriented Background Extraction Algorithms
CLEF 2017 eRisk Overview: Early Risk Prediction on the Internet: Experimental Foundations
GPU Framework for Change Detection in Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images
Sense Contextualization in a Dependency-Based Compositional Distributional Model
A rule-based system for cross-lingual parsing of Romance languages with Universal Dependencies
Citius at SemEval-2017 Task 2: Cross-Lingual Similarity from Comparable Corpora and Dependency-Based Contexts
GPU Classification for Hyperspectral Images based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Study of Strained Effects in Nanoscale GAA Nanowire FETs Using 3D Monte Carlo Simulations
Linguistic Description of Complex Phenomena with the rLDCP R Package
An Essay on Self-explanatory Computational Intelligence: A Linguistic Model of Data Processing Systems
Perldoop2: a Big Data-oriented source-to-source Perl-Java compiler
eRISK 2017: CLEF Lab on Early Risk Prediction on the Internet: Experimental Foundations
Towards the Extraction of Frequent Patterns in Complex Process Models
Discovering Infrequent Behavioral Patterns in Process Models
Linguistic Descriptions for Cognitive Cities: an Illustrative Use Case
Analytical transfer equations for the spectral modelling of III-V multi-junction concentrator solar cells
CUDA Multiclass Change Detection for Remote Sensing Hyperspectral Images using Extended Morphological Profiles
Invited tutorial on software for fuzzy computing
Invited talk on "eXplainable Computational Intelligence: paving the way from Smart to Cognitive Cities"
Wavelet-based multicomponent denoising on GPU to improve the classification of hyperspectral images
Building Cognitive Cities with Explainable Artificial Intelligent Systems
Reconstrucción de imágenes tomográficas mediante Machine Learning
Robust step detection in mobile phones through a learning process carried out in the mobile
Caracterización de aplicaciones mediante información de contadores hardware en sistemas NUMA
Comparative study of building footprint estimation methods from LiDAR point clouds
Generación automática de descripciones lingüísticas de datos en meteorología usando metaheurísticas
Towards Keyword-Based Search over Environmental Data Sources
Transformada de Fourier aplicada al alineamiento de imágenes multidimensionales en GPU
Towards a Multi-device Version of the HYFMGPU Algorithm for Hyperspectral Scenes Registration
OPERA-P: An Adaptive Scheduler for Dynamically Provisioning Big Data Frameworks On-demand
Metal grain work-function variability in GAA Si nanowire via a fluctuation sensitivity map
Scene wireframes sketching for UAVs
ExpliClas: Un Servicio Web que Genera Automáticamente Explicaciones en Lenguaje Natural de Árboles de Decisión para Clasificación
Consultas eficientes sobre registros de eventos basadas en análisis de conformidad
Una aproximación basada en Machine Learning para evaluar la influencia del tamaño del proyecto en la detección de God Class.
GWM: An intelligent task manager applied to semiconductor statistical studies
Computer-assisted development of two-dimensional liquid chromatographic separations
Searching for the Most Negative Opinions
Exploring the Registration of Remote Sensing Images using HSI-KAZE in Graphical Units
Reconstrucción 3D densa de escenas utilizando una cámara monocular
Sentiment Analysis on Multilingual Tweets using Big Data Technologies
Prediction of building temperatures for energy optimization
Dynamic Model of On-Chip Inverting Capacitive Charge Pumps with Charge Reusing
A Federated Approach for Array and Entity Environmental Linked Data
Aplicación de técnicas de selección de características para la mejora de los sistemas automáticos de detección de vertidos de hidrocarburos
Fuzzy sets and natural language generation. What to make out of it?
Multimodal and Multidimensional Geodata Visualization System
Impact of cross-section of 10.4 nm gate length In0.53Ga0.47As FinFETs on metal grain variability
Reparación de alineamientos en modelos de proceso similares
Recompilación de procesos de educación a partir de registros de eventos
Feeling Lucky? Multi-armed Bandits for Ordering Judgements in Pooling-based Evaluation
Live Demonstration: Wireless Sensor Network For Snail Pest Detection
Daily Life Activities Recognition Using RFID to Save Energy
Study of the Thermoelectric Properties of Non-Typical Semiconductor Materials with Conventional CAD Tools
Influence of Nominal Project Knowledge in the Detection of Design Smells: An Exploratory Study with God Class
Time-of-Flight Chip in Standard CMOS Technology with In-Pixel Adaptive Number of Accumulations
Environmental Linked Data: Challenges
Design for Maximum Power Transfer Efficiency of Thermoelectric Generators using Mixed Mode Simulations
Natural Language Generation and Fuzzy Sets: An Exploratory Study on Geographical Referring Expression Generation
Repairing Alignments: Striking the Right Nerve
Injecting Multiple Psychological Features into Standard Text Summarisers
A MapReduce Implementation of a Genetic Fuzzy System for Regression
TweetMT: A Parallel Microblog Corpus
A Genetic Fuzzy System for Large-scale Regression
Prediction of indoor temperatures for energy optimization in buildings
A Test Collection for Research on Depression and Language use
Aproximación a la búsqueda basada en términos sobre conjuntos de datos medioambientales
Sensor Observation Service Semantic Mediation: Generic Wrappers for In-Situ and Remote Devices
Towards Large Scale Environmental Data Processing with Apache Spark
Parallel landing sites detection using LiDAR data on manycore systems
Evolutionary Cellular Automata based Approach to High-dimensional Image Segmentation for GPU Projection
Análisis inteligente de flujos de trabajo sociales
Study of point-to-point communication latency for MPI implementations in cloud
Clasificación de imágenes de teledetección mediante ELM kernel y perfiles morfológicos en GPU.
Choice-based recommender systems
Exploring the impact of wavelet-based denoising in the classification of remote sensing hyperspectral images
Enabling BOINC in cloud Services: CPDN as example
Sobre el grado de acuerdo entre evaluadores en la detección de Design Smells
Preliminary evaluation of the Kinect V2 sensor for its use in virtual TV sets with natural interaction
Graph-based segmentation of airborne lidar point clouds
Entity Linking with Distributional Semantics
Aprendizaxe baseada na prestación de servizos de administración informática na USC
Machine learning for the management of agricultural soil data
A rule-based classification from a region-growing segmentation of airborne lidar
Desarrollo de un sistema planimétrico computacional de cuantificación de placa bacteriana: un estudio piloto
Influencia de factores metodológicos en las características del biofilm oral in situ
Procesamiento paralelo de datos medioambientales con Apache Spark
Determination of the most relevant images for scene recognition in mobile robotics
3D MC simulations of strain, channel orientation, and quantum confinement effects in nanoscale Si SOI FinFETs
Live Demonstration: Light Energy Harvesting System with an On-Chip Solar Cell and Cold Start-Up
Real time architectures for the Scale Invariant Feature Transform algorithm
A mixed-signal spatio-temporal signal classifier for on-sensor spike sorting
1.88 nA Quiescent Current Capacitor-Less LDO with Adaptive Biasing Based on a SSF Absolute Voltage Difference Meter
Challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for atmospheric sciences
Comparación de herramientas de Detección de Design Smells
CMOS Vision Sensor for Background Subtraction
Scaling/LER Study of Si GAA Nanowire FET using 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations
Computing with perceptions for the linguistic description of complex phenomena through the analysis of time series data
Computing with perceptions for the linguistic description of complex phenomena through the analysis of time series data
Dark Current Optimization of 4-Transistor Topologies in Standard CMOS Technologies for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Design and Monte Carlo Simulation of a LED-based Optic Coupler
STAC: a web platform for the comparison of algorithms using statistical tests
A Hybrid Local-Global Optimization Strategy for QoS-Aware Service Composition
Approaching uncertainty management in D2T generation using fuzzy sets
A Model Based on Computational Perceptions for the Generation of Linguistic Descriptions of Data
Aspects of quality evaluation in Linguistic Descriptions of Data
Soft Computing for Learner's Assessment in SoftLearn
Semantic description of the Experience API Specification
Approximate syllogism as argumentative expression for knowledge representation and reasoning with Generalized Bayes' Theorem
Data Mining for Automatic Linguistic Description of Data - Textual Weather Prediction as a Classification Problem
Towards Textual Reporting in Learning Analytics Dashboards
Live Demonstration: Gaussian Pyramid Extraction with a CMOS Vision Sensor
Fuzzy Knowledge Representation for Linguistic Description of Time Series
Multivariate Analysis of Variance for High Energy Physics Software in Virtualized Environments
Assesssment of soft tissues within the temporomandibular joint by sotfware processing og cone beam computed tomography data enhancing image contrast.
Spectral Coupling of Atmosphere and the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells
Comparison of state-of-the-art distributed computing frameworks with the GWM
Keyword-Based Search over Environmental Datasets
Capacitance-based Wireless Sensor Mote for Snail Pest Detection
Implementation of numerical methods for nanoscaled semiconductor device simulation using OpenCL
A tool to deploy nanodevice simulations on Cloud
Adaptative Line Matching for Low-Textured Images
The role of Precise and Imprecise Syllogisms in the diagnosis of reasoning deficits in mental disorders
Automatic Generation of Air Quality Index Textual Forecasts Using a Data-To-Text Approach
Videogrammetry System for Wind Turbine Vibration Monitoring
Mining Duplicate Tasks from Discovered Processes
Raytracing and electromagnetic 2-D simulations of the EQE of a-Si:H thin-film solar cells
Clinical Evaluation of an Automatic Method for Segmentation and Characterization of the Thoracic Aorta with and Without Aneurysm Patients
Overview of TweetMT: A Shared Task on Machine Translation of Tweets at SEPLN 2015
Federated Big Data for resource aggregation and load balancing with DIRAC
Power and Energy Implications of the Number of Threads Used on the Intel Xeon Phi
Study of the KVM CPU performance of Open-Source cloud management platforms
Implementation and performance analysis of the AXPY, DOT, and SpMV functions on Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla using OpenCL
BigDataDIRAC: deploying distributed Big Data application
A Multi-platform Graphical Software for Determining Reproductive Parameters in Fishes Using Histological Image Analysis
Yet another suite of multilingual NLP tools
Dependency Parsing with Compression Rules
Canonical Views for Scene Recognition in Mobile Robotics
Pyramid Representations of the set of actions in reinforcement learning
Scene Recognition Invariant to Symetrical Reflections and Illumintation Conditions in Robotics
Scene Recognition for Robot localization in Difficult Environments
A Flexible Cluster System for the Management of Virtual Clusters in the Cloud
Improving CPU Service Offerings in Apache CloudStack
Multilingual Open Information Extraction
The importance of Diversity in Profile-based recommendations: A Case Study in Tourism
General Workload Manager: a Task Manager as a Service
Las descripciones lingüísticas de datos en los sistemas "Data to Text"
Generacion automática de informes en lenguaje natural en una plataforma de e-learning
Evaluation of the Collection Length and Optical Path Enhancement in a-Si:H Solar Cells
Introducing Negative Evidence in Ensemble Clustering Application in Automatic ECG Analysis
Sistema para la extracción de entidades geográficas asociadas a telediarios: construcción de mapas para lengua castellana y gallega a través de HBBTV
Real time exploration of the human head in real time through natural interaction for educational purposes
ProDiGen: minando modelos completos, precisos y simples con un algoritmo genético
Supporting real open educational resources in Edu-AREA
Sensorización avanzada para estudios virtuales de televisión
An Adaptive Multi-resolution State Lattice Approach for Motion Planning with Uncertainty
A Noise Robust QRS Delineation Method Based on Path Simplification
Plataforma de Serviços Inteligentes de Learning Analytics para grandes quantidades de dados
System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room Through Facial Attributes
Demo: Mask and Maskless Face Classification System to Detect Breach Protocols in the Operating Room
Mejora en las condiciones técnicas de xenotransplantes en pez cebra: temperatura e índice de proliferación
SmartLAK: A Big Data Architecture for Supporting Learning Analytics Services
Retinal DOG filters: effects of the discretization process
Diseño de video juegos como herramienta pedagógica en la enseñanza de la asignatura Computación Gráfica.
GeoNews: Generación automática de contextos geográficos para programas de noticias a través de HbbTV
Multi-Subband Interface Roughness Scattering using 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo with 2D Schodinger Equation for Simulations of sub-16nm FinFETs
Multi-Subband Interface Roughness Scattering using 2D Finite Element Schodinger Equation for Monte Carlo Simulations of Multi-Gate Transistors
Anisotropic Schrodinger Equation Quantum Corrections for 3D Monte Carlo simulations of Nanoscale Multigate Transistors
Algoritmo Híbrido de Composición Automática de Servicios con QoS
Unsupervised Method to Remove Noisy and Redundant Images in Scene Recognition
An Open Source Desktop Application for Classification of Remote Sensing Data
Data Storage Optimization for Energy Management in Intelligent Buildings
Optimización del almacenamiento de datos en la gestión energética de edificios inteligentes
A method for processing perceptual dialectology data
Reconfigurable computing for future vision-capable devices
Process Mining in IT Service Management: A Case Study
Paralelización de un clasificador automático de objetos con datos de sensores remotos LiDAR
Effects of retinal DoG filters on natural images in terms of contrast, entropy and spatial correlation
Impact of signal representations on the performance of hierarchical WiFi localization systems
Arrhythmia Classification from the Abductive Interpretation of Short Single-Lead ECG Records
Anisotropic Schrödinger Equation Quantum Corrections for 3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulations of Triangular SOI Fin-FET
The effect of interface roughness scattering on Si SOI FinFET with Ando's and extended Prange and Nee model
Reducing the Complexity in Genetic Learning of Accurate Regression TSK Rule-Based Systems
Retinal DOG filters: high-pass or high-frequency enhancing filters?
GALiWeatherApp: applicación móvil para predicción meteorológica individualizada en lenguaje natural
Learning context-based representations of events in complex processes
Descrição semântica de experiência de aprendizagem baseada na especificação xAPI
Integración semántica de datos de observación mediante servicios SOS
Influence of textured interfaces in the performance of a–Si:H double–junction solar cell
Gaussian Pyramid Extraction with a CMOS Vision Sensor
Towards Fast Multimedia Feature Extraction: Hadoop or Storm
Citius: A Naive-Bayes Strategy for Sentiment Analysis on English Tweets
An Overview of Open Information Extraction
The Dickson Charge Pump as Voltage Booster for Light Energy Harvesting on CMOS Vision Chips
Recursos lingüístico-formales para el silogismo aproximado
Generación automática de predicciones meteorológicas a corto plazo: Metodología y validación
Heterogeneous sensor data integration for crowdsensing applications
Multilingual corpora with coreferential annotation of person entities
Form Factor Improvement of Smart-Pixels for Vision Sensors through 3-D Vertically-Integrated Technologies
A 26.5 nJ/px 2.64 Mpx/s CMOS Vision Sensor for Gaussian Pyramid Extraction
Custom Design of Pinned Photodiodes in Standard CMOS Technologies for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Simplification and Hardware Implementation of the Feature Descriptor Vector Calculation in the SIFT Algorithm
3D Monte Carlo Study of Scaled SOI FinFETs Using 2D Schrodinger Quantum Corrections
Study of data locality and thread affinity on multicore systems using the Roofline Model
Using temporal abduction for biosignal interpretation: A case study on QRS detection
Dark Current in Standard CMOS Pinned Photodiodes for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Hipster: An Open Source Java Library for Heuristic Search
Global image features for scene recognition invariant to symmetrical reflections in robotics
Hierarchically Tiled Array as a High-Level Abstraction for Codelets
Common Data Model in AmI Environments
A New Rounding Method Based on Parallel Remainder Estimation for Goldschmidt and Newton-Raphson Algorithms
A Genetic Algorithm for Process Discovery Guided by Completeness, Precision and Simplicity
Influence of device geometry on electrical characteristics of a 10.7 nm SOI-FinFET
Hermite Polynomial Characterization of Heartbeats with Graphics Processing Units
Clasificación Supervisada de Imágenes de Sensado Remoto en GPU
Efficient Classification of Hyperspectral Images on Commodity GPUs using ELM-based Techniques
Learning Analytics for the Prediction of the Educational Objectives Achievement
Using a Learning Analytics Tool for Evaluation in Self-Regulated Learning
Wavelet denoising to improve the quality of SEM images
Perldoop: Efficient Execution of Perl Scripts on Hadoop Clusters
Variability characterisation of nanoscale Si and InGaAs FinFETs at subthreshold
Reconstructing IMS LD Units of Learning from Event Logs
An Entity-Centric Coreference Resolution System for Person Entities with Rich Linguistic Information
Performance Prediction and Evaluation
Multiobjective Optimization Technique Based on Monitoring Information to Increase the Performance of Thread Migration on Multicores
Wireless Sensor Mote for Snail Pest Detection
Integrating quality control tests in a computed tomography system
MC/DD Study of Metal Grain Induced Current Variability in a Nanoscale InGaAs FinFET
Implementation of the KVM Hypervisor on Several Cloud Platforms: Tuning the Apache CloudStack Agent
TweetNorm es Corpus: an Annotated Corpus for Spanish Microtext Normalization
Overview of TweetLID: Tweet Language Identification at SEPLN 2014
Thread migration techniques based on dynamic Roofline models and latency information
Comparing Ranking-based and Naive Bayes Approaches to Language Detection on Tweets
Hardware Accelerator to Compute the Minimum Embedding Dimension of ECG Records
Low-Power, Low-Latency Hermite Polynomial Characterization of Heartbeats Using a Field-Programmable Gate Array
3D Finite Element Monte Carlo Study of Scaled Triangular SOI FinFETs using 2D Schrödinger Quantum Corrections
Analyzing fuzzy association rules with Fingrams in KEEL
KBCT: A knowledge extraction and representation tool for fuzzy logic based systems
Customization of Products Assisted by Kansei Engineering, Sensory Analysis and Soft Computing
SoftLearn: A Process Mining Platform for the Discovery of Learning Paths
3D Finite Element Schrodinger Equation Corrected Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale FinFETs
Scaling of Metal Gate Workfunction Variability in nanometer SOI-FinFETs
WN and TiN metal gate workfunction variability in a 10.4 nm gate length InGaAs FinFET
Automatic Generation of Textual Short-Term Weather Forecasts on Real Prediction Data
Robust multi-sensor system for mobile robot localization
Stent strut detection in intravascular optical coherence tomography
Automatic Linguistic Descriptions of Meteorological Data. A soft computing approach for converting Open Data to Open Information
Partitioning and mapping a fast level-set algorithm on the GPU
A GPU-based multiresolution pipeline for compressed volume rendering
Comparison of Photosensing Structures in CMOS Standard Technology for Time-of-Flight Sensors
Visualization software for CT: fan/cone beam and metrology applications
A Tabu Search Optimization Module for Scheduling: Design and integration in the open source tool LibrePlan for project management
Sentiment-based Ranking of Blog Posts using Rhetorical Structure Theory
A practical experience concerning the parallel semantic annotation of a large-scale data collection
On the Accuracy of Representing Heartbeats with Hermite Basis Functions
A New Methodology for Nonlinear Heart Function Analysis: Studying Just the Beat Morphology
Performance of Two Possible Implementations of ILUT Preconditioners in the 3D Nanodevice Simulation
A Method to Lexical Normalisation of Tweets
A Software Toolkit for Nonlinear Heart Rate Variability Analysis
A Machine Learning approach for Subjectivity Classification based on Positional and Discourse Features
Detection and Matching of Lines for Close-Range Photogrammetry
Fast Implementation of a New Radial Symmetry Measure for Photogrammetry
Route Learning and Reproduction in a Tour-Guide Robot
Dynamic Saliency from Adaptative Whitening
Analyzing the Sense Distribution of Concordances Obtained by Web As Corpus Approach
CMOS photodiode model and HDL implementation
A Proposal of Fuzzy Chained Syllogism based on the Concept of Synonymy
Mapping Sets for Spatial Observation Data Warehouses
Voltage Boosters for on-Chip Solar Cells on Focal-Plane Processors
Extensión del modelo Roofline y herramientas para su uso
Una experiencia real de anotación semántica a gran escala utilizando recursos de computación heterogéneos
Learning analytics framework for educational virtual worlds
DyRM: A Dynamic Roofline Model Based on Runtime Information
Nanodevice simulations on CloudStack
Simulation of a-Si:H Dual Junction Solar Cells
TASS: A Naive-Bayes strategy for sentiment analysis on Spanish tweets
Contrast enhancement mechanisms in the retinothalamic circuitry
A State Lattice Approach for Motion Planning under Control and Sensor Uncertainty
Bivariate kernel smoothers. Applications in thoracic aorta pathology.
Study of statistical variability in nanoscale transistors introduced by LER, RDF and MGG
Development of a very fast spectral response measurement system for silicon thin film modules
Sistemas de informação geográfica e realidade aumentada. Guia interactivo do caminho português de santiago em Barcelo
Combining different algorithms to get stable learning from environment interaction
Calculation of Cell Temperature in a HCPV Module using Voc
Integrating CAD modules in a PACS enviroment using a wide computing infrastructure
Improving subthreshold MSB-EMC simulations by dynamic particle weighting
Don’t Lose the Message While Paraphrasing: A Study on Content Preserving Style Transfer
3D Finite Element Quantum Corrected Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanoscale Si SOI FinFETs
An Instance Selection Algorithm for Regression and its Application in Variance Reduction
Comments-Oriented Query Expansion for Opinion Retrieval in Blogs
Introducción a la tarea compartida Tweet-Norm 2013 : Normalización léxica de tuits en español
A 176 X 120 Pixel CMOS Vision Chip for Gaussian Filtering with Massivelly Parallel CDS and A/D-Conversion.
Razonamiento silogístico aproximado con cuantificadores generalizados
Construcción de resúmenes lingüísticos informativos sobre series de datos meteorológicos: informes climáticos de temperatura
In-Pixel Generation of Gaussian Pyramid Images by Block Reusing in 3D-CMOS
Feature detection and matching on an SIMD/MIMD hybrid embedded processor
Quality assessment of linguistic description of data
MeteoSIX: Difusión de datos meteorológicos y oceanográficos en MeteoGalicia
Análisis espacio-temporal en sistemas de bases de datos lógico-funcionales
Integración de observaciones medioambientales: Solución inicial y retos futuros
Proyección del método de segmentación del conjunto de nivel en GPU
GPU-based infrared thermography for NDE of minefields
Memory Hierarchy Optimization for Large Tridiagonal System Solvers on GPU
Evidence of the lateral collection significance in small CMOS photodiodes
Efficient GPU Asynchronous Implementation of a Watershed Algorithm Based on Cellular Automata
Efficient segmentation of hyperspectral images on commodity GPUs
Influencia de las mesetas en la implementación de watershed sobre GPUs
A Dynamic QoS-Aware Semantic Web Service Composition Algorithm
Fast segmentation of retinal blood vessels using a deformable contour
Scale- and rotation-invariant feature detectors on Cellular Processor Arrays
A CMOS-3D Reconfigurable Architecture with In-pixel Processing for Feature Detectors
SIMD/MIMD dynamically-reconfigurable architecture for high-performance embedded vision systems
In-Pixel ADC for a Vision Architecture on CMOS-3D Technology
DepPattern: A Multilingual Dependency Parser
Dependency-Based Open Information Extraction
Learning on real robots from their direct interaction with the environment
Uso de algoritmos genéticos para la obtención de modelos estadísticos de rendimiento
Design of a smart camera system on a single chip in 3D integrated circuit technology
The Integration of CloudStack and OCCI/OpenNebula with DIRAC
Evaluación de las políticas universitarias de sostenibilidad como facilitadoras para el desarrollo de los campus de excelencia internacional
Analysis of different localization systems suitable for a fast and easy deployment of robots in diverse environments
Continuous learning on a real robot through user feedback
Experiences with the Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on a Many-core Processor
A Graphical Tool for Performance Analysis of Multicore Systems Based on the Roofline Model
Hardware Counters Based Analysis of Memory Accesses in SMPs
Selecting the most relevant sensors in a wall following behavior
A FastSLAM Algorithm for Omnivision
Semantic integration of social information in learning systems
FBM-Yahoo! at RepLab 2012
Gesture based interface with voice feedback for a guide robot
A learning-based approach for the identification of sexual predators in chat logs
Validation of a linguistic summarization approach for time series meteorological data
Pacman: Tolerating Asymmetric Data Races with Unintrusive Hardware
Anytime Motion Replanning in State Lattices for Wheeled Robots
Photons detection in Positron Emission Tomography through Iterative Rule Learning of TSK rule
SoftLearn: Soft computing para minería de procesos en e-learning
Sistema recomendador de restaurantes y rutas turísticas para dispositivos móviles orientados a turistas
Extraction of Bilingual Cognates from Wikipedia
Diseño de un sistema escalable para la sensorización de platós virtuales de televisión con emisiones en directo
Performance of the CloudStack KVM Pod primary storage under NFS version 3
Simulation of light trapping and electrical performance of thin film aSi:H solar cells with textured interfaces
Gastronomic preferences of international tourism in Santiago de Compostela
GPU-Based Visualization of Hybrid Terrain Models
Motion Capture for Clinical Purposes, an Approach Using PrimeSense Sensors
Automatic Phonetic Transcription by Phonological Derivation
Render on the cloud: Using Cinelerra on virtualized infrastructures
The virtual instruments of the Pórtico de la Gloria
3D Simulation Study of Work-Function Variability in a 25 nm Metal-Gate FinFET with Curved Geometry using Voronoi Grains
Diseño de Servidores de Adquisición y Publicación de Datos de Sensores
Static Multipole Method Applied to Boundary Conditions for Semiconductor Device Simulations
Segmentación biventricular automática del eje corto en resonancia magnética cardíaca
Análisis del rendimiento de una aplicación cosmológica sobre máquinas virtuales
3D simulations of random dopant induced threshold voltage variability in inversion–mode In0.53Ga0.47As GAA MOSFETs
Una propuesta de silogismo encadenado aproximado
Formiga CLOUD: una herramienta para la gestión y aprovechamiento de los recursos de las aulas de informática
Maniobra de enlace con convoy en entornos urbanos considerando incertidumbre en los tiempos de recorrido. Simulación con Player&Stage
Performance of numerical simulations on the cloud
Performance of OpenMP simulations on the cloud
Cloud computing for teaching and learning MPI with improved network communications
Model Selection to Characterize Performance using Genetic Algorithms
On the role of fuzzy quantified statements in linguistic summarization
Semi-Fuzzy Quantifiers as a Tool for Building Linguistic Summaries of Data Patterns
Online Feature Weighting for Human Discrimination in a Person Following Robot
Effective and Efficient Polarity Estimation in Blogs based on Sentence-Level Evidence
Mining temporal constraint networks by seed knowledge extension
SERVANDO: An extensible platform for home-care services providing
Seeding Simulated Queries with User-study Data for Personal Search Evaluation
Ways we can improve Simulated Personal Search Evaluation
Combination of a low cost GPS with visual localization based on a previous map for outdoor navigation
Is the average duration of apneas, hypopneas and desaturations useful in the diagnosis of SAHS?
Detección de regiones transitables para un robot móvil fusionando datos de cámaras estéreo y de sensores láser 2D
Robot Routing Approaches for Convoy Merging Manoeuvres
Self-organized Multi-agent System for Robot Deployment in Unknown Environments
Multi-agent system for fast deployment of a guide robot in unknown environments
Building a meteorological SDI for the region of Galicia (Spain)
Modeling and experimental results of short-channel annular MOS transistors
Implementación de modelos de fotodiodos en lenguajes de descripción hardware de señal mixta
Non-Destructive Detection of Hollow Heart in Potatoes Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Selecting the Best Tridiagonal System Solver Projected on Multi-Core CPU and GPU Platforms
Towards Real-time Hyperspectral Image Processing, a GP-GPU Implementation of Target Identification
Precise segmentation of the optic disc in retinal fundus images
Switched-Capacitor Networks for Scale-Space Generation
Recommending teachers for collaborative authoring tools
Estimating the Effect of Cache Misses on the Performance of Parallel Applications Using Analytical Models
A Java-based Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Land Use Planning Problem
Estimación del efecto de los fallos cache en el rendimiento de aplicaciones paralelas
Common scab detection on potatoes using an infrared hyperspectral imaging
Rapid Infrared Multi-Spectral Systems Design using a Hyperspectral Benchmarking Framework
Statistical and Wavelet based texture features for fish oocytes classification
Study of Performance Issues on a SMP-NUMA System Using the Roofline Model
A Study of Memory Access Patterns in Irregular Parallel Codes Using Hardware Counter-Based Tools
An eco-feedback system for improving the sustainability performance of Universities
A parallel algorithm based on simulated annealing for land use zoning plans
Dynamic adaptation in OPENET4LD
Automatic web service composition with a heuristic-based search algorithm
Applying Multicriteria Algorithms to Restaurant Recommendation
Iterative Rule Learning of Quantified Fuzzy Rules for control in mobile robotics
Simplified Workflow Representation of IMS Learning Design
Learning Intelligent Controllers for Path-Following Skills on Snake-Like Robots
Multi-Subband Monte Carlo Simulation of Oxide Thickness Fluctuation on SGSOI MOSFETs
Dynamic adaptation in IMS Learning Design
Simulación y modelado de la magnetorresistencia en uniones magnéticas túnel multicapa
Parallel performance of the PETSc Krylov methods applied to linear systems of 3D nanodevice simulators
Measuring Comparability of Multilingual Corpora Extracted from Wikipedia
Evaluating Various Linguistic Features on Semantic Relation Extraction
An Open-Source cloud management platform comparison
An Evolutionary Approach for Learning the Weight of Relations in Linked Data
Toward enriching course content with Linked Data
Pórtico de la Gloria Virtual, aplicación interactiva en tiempo real para la exploración virtual del Pórtico de la Gloria
Composite Iterative Algorithm and Architecture for q-th Root Calculation
Exploración en tiempo real de la reconstrucción virtual de los instrumentos del Pórtico de la Gloria
Comparación del rendimiento entre hipervisores XEN y KVM usando virtualización
Herramientas para la monitorización de los accesos a memoria de códigos paralelos mediante contadores hardware
A Weakly-Supervised Rule-Based Approach for Relation Extraction
Dependency-Based Text Compression for Semantic Relation Extraction
An Exploration of the Linguistic Knowledge for Semantic Relation Extraction in Spanish
An e-science infrastructure for nanoelectronic simulations based on grid and cloud technologies
Descripción de la Plataforma Formiga Cloud
Comparativa y Estudio de distribución de software de cálculo científico en entornos cloud con CVMFS
DIRAC integration with CloudStack
Simulation of electron transport in magnetic tunnel junctions using the drift-diffusion model
Tourist Classification in gastronomy of Santiago de Compostela: based on the data collected from Santiago(e)Tapas contest, 2010
Aprendizaje, hallazgo y satisfaccion en un sistema de recomendacion en turismo
Spatio-temporal Integrated Analysis with MAPAL
Drift-Diffusion simulations of a 20 nm InGaAs implant free quantum well MOSFET
Efficient Monte Carlo Simulation of n-MOSFET on unstructured Meshes
Simulation of the effect of p-layer properties on the electrical behaviour of a a-Si:H thin solar cell
Simulation of transport in fully epitaxial (Zn,Co)O/ZnO/(Zn,Co)O magnetic tunnel junction
Simulation of the temperature dependence of a-Si:H solar cell current-voltage characteristics
Influence of air mass, DNI and air temperature in CPV modules: Study of different technologies
Temperature dependence of monolithic III-V triple-junction solar cell
An optimal and fast algorithm for web service composition
How to perform left and right ventricular function quantification in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging with a simple mouse click
Desarrollo de un sistema CT/DR: visualización y aplicaciones
Detección de contaminantes en el medio marino a través del análisis e interpretacién de imágenes SAR utilizando técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial
An empirical study on interpretability indexes through multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
Semantic linking of a learning object repository to DBpedia
Aprendizaje de Controladores Difusos para Seguimiento de Trayectorias en Robots Multiarticulados
3D Monte Carlo simulations of a 25 nm gate length SOI FinFET using unstructured tetrahedral grids
Continual learning in robots from environment interaction
Fast array thinning using global optimization methods
An Analysis of Reasoning with Quantifiers within the Aristotelian Syllogistic Framework
Unsupervised Complexity Reduction of Sensor Data for Robot Learning and Adaptation
Integrating incomplete Information into the Relational Data Model
A Parallel Perceptron network for classification with direct calculation of the weights optimizing error and margin
Fast weight calculation for kernel-based perceptron in two-class classification problems
Parallel robot learning through an ensemble of predictors able to forecast the time interval before a robot failure
Una técnica de minería de datos para la inducción de redes de restricciones temporales cuantitativas entre eventos
Improving Sentence Retrieval with an Importance Prior
Where to Start Filtering Redundancy? A Cluster-Based Approach
Combinig Document and Sentence Scores for Blog Topic retrieval
Evaluación de técnicas de Aprendizaje Activo para codificación CIE-9-MC de informes de alta hospitalaria
Simultaneous Learning of Perceptions and Actions in Autonomous Robots
Linguistic summarization of data with probabilistic fuzzy quantifiers
Analytical model for P-N junctions under point source illumination
Offset-Compensated Comparator with Full-Input Range in 150nm FDSOI CMOS-3D Technology
Handling Incomplete Information in an Evolutionary Environment
Multicriteria predictors using aggregation functions based on item views
Combining uncorrelated similarity measures for service discovery
A 3D Chip Architecture for Optical Sensing and Concurrent Processing
Improving the Scheduling of Parallel Applications using Accurate AIC-based Performance Models
Automatic parameter assessment of logp-based communication models in MPI environments
Performance Modeling of MPI Applications Using Model Selection Techniques
A New Multiresolution Blob Detector Applied to Photogrammetry
EPIMETA: un Metapaquete de Epilinux
The mean value of the descriptors of the pathological events recorded on the polysomnogram as a support tool in the diagnosis of SAHS
Lessons Learnt Porting Parallelisation Techniques for Irregular Codes to NUMA Systems
Scene Recognition using Visual Attention, Invariant Local Features and Visual Landmarks
Semantic annotation of educational resources through linked data
A context-based algorithm for annotating educational content with Linked Data
Knowledge-Based Framework for Workflow Modelling: Application to the Furniture Industry
Supporting adaptive learning with a student model repository and shared adaptive variables
Channel Inversion Charge Dependence on Silicon Thickness in Ultra Thin Double-Gate SOI MOSFETs
OPENET4VE: A Platform for the Execution of IMS LD Units of Learning in Virtual Environments
Impact of Random Dopant Fluctuations on a Tri-Gate MOSFET
A Sensor Observation Service Based on OGC Specifications for a Meteorological SDI in Galicia
An own-developed CT/DR system for visualization and defect recognition in NDT
Variable Vigilance Fuzzy ART applied to robot learning
A Data Mining Algorithm for Inducing Temporal Constraint Networks
Photoresponse model for photodiode-based CMOS APS in 180nm and 90nm technologies
Channel Length impact on Velocity Overshoot in UTB-DGSOI
Summarizing time series with probabilistic fuzzy quantifiers
Time Estimation in Injection Molding Production for Automative Industry Based on SVR and RBF
Around fuzziness. Some philosophical thoughts
View-Based Recommender System
Extraction of conditional and causal sentences from queries to provide a flexible answer
Quality of the Information: The application in the winification process in wine production
Wine vinification prediction using data mining tools
Propuesta de Estrategia para el enrutamiento adaptable aplicado a sistemas de navegación en entornos urbanos
A PDA-Based Modular and Multipurpose System for Intelligent Ubiquitous Monitoring
A home-care pda-based program for the management of copd patients
Compression-Based Document Length Prior for Language Models
University of Santiago de Compostela at CLEF-IP09
Using Opinion-Based Features to boost sentence retrieval
CIE-9-MC Code Classification with knn and SVM
Rapid Method for Finding Faulty Elements in Antenna Arrays Using Far Field Pattern Samples
Control y Generación de Refuerzo a partir de la Observación del Comportamiento Humano
Fast robot learning through an ensemble of predictors able to forecast the time interval before failure
Learning proposal based on reinforcement for collaborative tasks: robot convoy formation
Experimental analysis of CMOS short-channel gate enclosed transistors
Handsheet for Full-Custom Circuit Design
Proyección de Algoritmos de Resolución de Sistemas Tridiagonales en la Tarjeta Gráfica
A Digital Cellular-Based System for Retinal Vessel-Tree Extraction
Enclosed layout transistors in saturation
A novel similarity metric for retinal images based authentication
Modeling and simulation of CMOS APS
A study of CMOS radiation tolerant transistors using Green functions
FPGA-Accelerated Retinal Vessel-Tree Extraction
On-chip retinal image processing: performance analysis on different approaches
An Efficient FPGA Implementation of a DT-CNN for Small Image Gray-scale Pre-processing
Selección de widgets basada en calidad de servicio de inteligencia colectiva
An Integration of Several Technologies in the Architecture Definition and Deployment of a Geospatial Grid Web Portal
Accurate Analytical Performance Model of Communications in MPI Applications
El Criterio de Información de Akaike en la Obtención de Modelos Estadísticos de Rendimiento
Greedy Performance Metrics for Grid Schedulers
Image compression: Maxshift ROI encoding options in JPEG2000
Visual metaphors to support diagnosis of Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome
On the Influence of Thread Allocation for Irregular Codes in NUMA Systems
Evaluating Sparse Matrix-Vector Product on the FinisTerrae Supercomputer
Tunneling magnetoresistance dependence on the temperature in a ferromagnetic Zener diode
Variable Latency Rounding for Goldschmidt Algorithm with Parallel Remainder Estimation
OPENET LD: An Ontology-based Petri Net Engine to Execute IMS LD Units of Learning
Visual FastSLAM Through Omnivision
High Performance Image Processing on a Massively Parallel Processor
A Genetic Programming-based Algorithm for Composing Web Services
Arquitectura orientada a servicios para la ejecución de unidades de aprendizaje en mundos virtuales
Simplifying the Rounding for Newton-Raphson Algorithm with Parallel Remainder Calculation
A Cache Filtering Mechanism for Hardware Transactional Memory Systems Decoupled from Caches
Highly Parallel Image Processing on a Massively Parallel Processor Array
OCURO: Estimation of Space Occupation and Vehicle Rotation in Controlled Parking Areas
An Integrated Solution to Store, Manage and Work with Datasets Focused on Metadata in the Retelab Grid Project
Metaschedulers in the environment of eScience portals: a case study with GridWay
Desarrollo e Implementación de un Laboratorio Virtual para la Teledetección Oceanográfica basado en Grid
WiFi localization system based on fuzzy logic to deal with signal variations
Mealtime blood glucose classifier based on fuzzy logic for the DIABTel telemedicine system
Software Integration in the Development of a Spatial Data Grid Prototype based on Metadata
Plagiarism detection using software tools: a study in a Computer Science degree
A comparison of different rating-based collaborative filtering algorithms
Bio-Inspired View-Based Algorithms for Collaborative Filtering
A framework for unifying problem-solving knowledge and workflow modeling
Fuzzy structural algorithms to identify and characterize apnea and hypopnea episodes
Novelty as a Form of Contextual Re-ranking: Efficient KLD Models and Mixture Models
Revisiting the Relationship between Document Length and Relevance
A fuzzy constraint satisfaction approach to identify and characterize apnea episodes
Hybrid approach for machine scheduling optimization in custom furniture industry
Processing times estimation in a manufacturing industry through genetic programming
Learning a wall following behaviour in mobile robotics using stereo and mono vision
DT-CNN emulator: 3D heat equation solver with applications on the non-destructive soil inspection
Template-Oriented Hardware Design based on Shape Analysis of 2D CNN Operators in CNN Template Libraries and Applications
Bottom collection of photodiode-based CMOS APS
Sensitivity of photodiode-based CMOS APS in 0.18um technology: peripheral collection and optimum dimension
Discrete Time Cellular Non-linear Networks Implementation over FPGA
Single Instruction Multiple Data and Cellular Non-linear Networks as Fine-Grained Parallel Solutions for Early Vision on FPGAs
Retinal vessel tree segmentation using a deformable contour model
Comparison of pixel and subpixel retinal vessel tree segmentation using a deformable contour model
Similarity metrics analysis for feature point based retinal authentication
SIMD Array on FPGA for B/W Image Processing
FPGA-based hardware accelerator of the heat equation with applications on infrared thermography
Reordering Algorithms for Increasing Locality on Multicore Processors
Obtención de modelos estadísticos de rendimiento de las comunicaciones en aplicaciones MPI
Fuzzy temporal rule-based systems: new challenges
Data Locality Aware Strategy for Two-Phase Collective I/O
Forcing one-sided results in Goldschmidt algorithm
An FPGA Architecture for CABAC Decoding in Manycore Systems
A New Rounding Algorithm for Variable Latency Division and Square Root Implementations
A Hardware Error Estimate for Floating-Point Computations
A User Management Web System Based on Portlets for a Grid Environment Integrating Shibboleth, PURSe, PERMIS and Gridsphere
An integrated Solution to the Security User Access in the RETELAB Grid Project, using a Web System based on Portlets and a RBAC Model by means of User Attribute Certificates and PKI
Metaschedulers in the environment of eScience portals: a case study with GridWay
Exploiting Data Compression in Collective I/O Techniques
Una revisión del concepto de intencionalidad en un marco aproximado
Design and Implementation of a Communication Architecture based on Player/Stage for telerobotics operation of P3-DX units
A study of statistical query expansion strategies for sentence retrieval
Aprendizaje de modelos de usuario para filtrado de información de fuentes continuas
A tourism portal for Galician rural houses based on the IFITT reference model and information filtering techniques
Model identification and analysis in robot training
Algoritmos estructurales basados en lógica borrosa para la identificación y caracterización de apneas e hipoapneas
Petri Net Semantics for OWL-S Service Choreography
Service-oriented architecture for knowledge-enriched workflows modelling and execution
WebLD: A Web Portal to Design IMS LD Units of Learning
Modelling and executing units of learning using an IMS LD ontology
Highly frequent terms and sentence retrieval
Novelty detection using Local Context Analysis
Summarisation and Novelty: An Experimental Investigation
The effect of smoothing in language models for novelty detection
Fairly Retrieving Documents of All Lengths: A study of Document Length Normalization using the Language Modeling approach
Intelligent alarms for patient supervision
A comparison among several techniques for finding defective elements in antenna arrays
Improving reinforcement learning through a better exploration strategy and an adjustable representation of the environment
New approach to get autonomous and fast robot learning processes
Area and Time Efficient Cellular Non-linear Networks
Una estructura de indexación para la recuperación de documentos con referencias geográficas
Diseño de sensores ópticos CMOS y dispositivos electrónicos para procesado de imágenes en tiempo real
Definition and Implementation of an Active Web Map Service
Soft-Hard 3D FD-TD solver for non destructive evaluation
CNN Implementation of Spin Filters for Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Applications
Improved Analytical I-V Model for polygonal-shape enclosed layout transistors
Relating Cellular Non-linear Networks to Threshold Logic and Single Instruction Multiple Data Computing Models
Verification of Split&Shift Techniques for CNN Hardware Reduction
Un servicio web de mapas activos: AWMS
Diseño e Implementación de un Servicio Web para la Simulación de la Propagación de Incendios Forestales
Gestión de una base de datos geográfica usando dispositivos móviles y servicios web del OGC
Efficient combination of the fuzzy Hough transform and the Burns segment detector
Implementación Eficiente de un Servicio Web de Análisis Geoestadístico Basado en Coberturas Geográficas
A snake for retinal vessel segmentation
Simulación de códigos de N-cuerpos en sistemas de memoria distribuida mediante un algoritmo paralelo por etapas
Analytical Performance Models of Parallel Programs in Clusters
Software Tools for Performance Modeling of Parallel Programs
Simulation of parallel applications in GridSim
An Inspector/Executor Based Strategy to Efficiently Parallelize N-Body Simulation Programs on shared memory systems
A novel model of bottom-up visual attention using local energy
Local Energy Saliency for Bottom-Up Visual Attention
Entropy Coding on a Programmable Processor Array for Multimedia SOC
Linking perception and action The role of the premotor ventral cortex
An Index Structure to Retrieve Documents with Geographic Information
Managing a Geographic Database From Mobile Devices Through OGC Web Services